Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Laundry fun

Things went well at the laundromat yesterday.

After getting the painters started upstairs, I gathered the laundry up in six huge bins and headed out. I tried to act non-chalant as I unloaded (and unloaded and unloaded) the baskets and staked out a whole row of washers (all the front loaders were taken - rats!).

I then stood at the bill changer for a good ten minutes trying to change my $10 bill. About that time, another patron yawningly said, "Oh, that machine only changes one dollar bills. That's why there's tape over the $5 and $10 on the sign." I looked more closely, and maybe there used to be tape over the $5 and $10, but now (many thousands of quarters and bored little children's hands later) there was tape only over the "$5." Now how come I didn't figure out that it wouldn't change a $10 bill either?

But it was all good, because as I was standing at the bill changer, I looked over at the other wall - the wall that had the detergent machine. I knew I'd forgotten something!

So I ran to the grocery store across the street, got $15 in ones (thinking, Surely that's plenty!) and bought some detergent and dryer sheets for double the cost of the ones I'd bought last week at Walmart, but a fraction of what I would have spent at the detergent machine.

We loaded up our row of machines, and the girls had a great time while we waited for the wash to finish (Annie-6 was home from school with croup, but well enough to join us on this expedition).

So goofy.
Of course, by the time we got everything into the dryers, we were all hungry, so we grabbed a little lunch at the sandwich shop down the way.

We got back to damp clothes. After another set of quarters at the change machine (I was now down $35, including laundry supplies and lunch), we worked feverishly to get everything back in the six baskets and two hanger carts. While I was unloading the first cart into the truck, I heard a blood curdling shriek.

I looked up to see this:
Um. I guess the gust of wind was stronger than my two girls. Why must it be right in the biggest grease spot in the parking lot? I love the look of utter shock on Ruthie's (4) face (and yes, these pictures were taken yesterday. It was 80 degrees. Don'tcha just love Texas?). Hey, at least it didn't cost me anything to pick it all up.

Also the bright side, when we got home, we were pleasantly surprised that the wind had blown down most of what was left of the weekend's wrap job (by some of our kids' closest friends, I'm sure). Only a few flyaway wisps of TP in the highest branches of our trees. They came down with this morning's rain and now soggily decorate our lawn.

All in all, it was a good day.


Momzoo said...

80 degrees, oh wow I am jealous. I am sitting here in Utah and we have 2 feet of snow on the ground and it is around 20 degrees... makes a person want to move to warmer climates...almost!

Anonymous said...

OH BOY What a day! One day you will look back and this laugh ;)

Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

ohhhhh, 80 degrees. I'm excited for spring. (But really, should I complain? It's actually going to be in the 60s today and tomorrow).

Hey, this is probably the first time that you've gotten that much laundry done in that short amount of time. Six loads would take me all day in a front loader! :)

You crack me up though. Thanks for writing through your moving process! We'll be there sometime soon and I only have 1 kid (until May), and two dogs... and a husband :) And I feel completely dazed by the possibility of doing it.

Anonymous said...

That picture was just plain CRUEL!! LOL! I live in Alaska and yesterday was -18.

kittyhox said...

Wow, please tell me that was your last trip to the laundromat and that you'll be able to use your own w/d from now on!

Whomever will be wearing that laundry needs to rise up and call you blessed right now!

And 80 degrees? Seriously? I don't know whether to feel sorry for you or to be jealous!

Anonymous said...

It takes a trip to the good ol' laundrymat to make a girl appreciate having a washer and dryer. It makes me want to never moan and groan about doing laundry again. Having to go round up change, sit there for an hour while the clothes wash and dry....UGH..

Also, it is hard to believe you Texans can wear summer dresses when we Michiganders are having a winter storm warning ! AMAZING. If it is 80 in Feb..what the heck is it in July there? :)
Thanks for the personal reminder to me, to NOT complain about walking 10 feet to put in a load of clothes.

Susanne said...

Hey you're clothes did what my lasagna did last night. You seem to have handled it much better than me though. I cried.

Brenda said...

You took a PICTURE????? I would have had to take a blood pressure pill if that happened to me!!!!! Good for you for not getting irritated with little girls--(I'm afraid I would have reacted with irritation EVEN THOUGH it was not their fault!) I will remember this story (and pics) next time I have a frustrating day!

Also, I am not mad at you about the weather as we are also in Texas and have been wearing our summer clothes this week too.

Anonymous said...

YOu must live round the corner from me - I had to turn our A/C on yesterday - ugh ... so wrong!

Laura said...

Gracious - that's a crazy laundromat excursion.

I dare say, it's warmer in your neck of the woods than it is over in the cotton pickin' Middle East!

Amie said...

oh my goodness.. thank you for taking the time to take a picture and for finding the humor in it.. because that is just too funny..

Oddly enough, I am heading to the laundromat for the first time in a very long time... our washer is out of comission and with 6 kiddos, one more day of laundry build-up would qualify my laundry room as a hazardous zone, I am afraid..

so as I venture off, I will think of you and your adventure and it will make me smile.. and because of you I will be better prepared with plenty of detergent, dryer sheets, and a hundred 1$ bills...

thanks for the smile.


Marc and Charity said...

80 degrees there right now?!?! When I saw thier clothes I wondered...can not believe it!!!

Dimple Queen said...

I am right there with you on the 80 degrees thing, but then we get up this morning and it was in the high 40's!!!! I didn't watch the weather so my kiddos didn't have jackets on, but at least they both had long sleeves.

About the "washateria" (thats what my momma use to call it) I use to love it....we could get all the laundry done at one time...a small blessing in disguise (after you take out the cost that is!!)


Jen said...

You poor thing...that just stinks...at least you can say it was a good day.