Monday, February 11, 2008

Life is what happens when you're busy making other plans

We thought we were going to spend the weekend working on the house. Instead, we woke up to this:

The two trees on the other side of the house had just as much. We gave this job a "10," and will be cleaning this up for weeks (and yes, this is the third time in three weeks. I guess our kids' friends don't want us to move. Or maybe they do...).

Then Allie (14) came home from her volleyball tournament Saturday not feeling well. She woke up Sunday with 102 fever, and, after sleeping all day yesterday in the one room that is not being painted (the family room), has now watched 24 straight hours of Discovery and Animal Planet (She just said, "I am SO SICK of watching crocodile shows!").

Ruthie (4, in her princess costume) keeps wondering where her "brown doors" went (we had the wood doors painted). Neal (13) and Libby (10) spent most of the weekend away from the fumes with friends. While they were gone, Annie (6) learned how to play Carry On Wayward Son (c. 1976 by Kansas) on Guitar Hero. Sheesh. Can we sink any lower?

And of course, we have all eaten more cereal and pizza than should be legal in the last seven days. Today was a teacher work day at school, so we've already had Wendy's for lunch. What shall we do for dinner??

Meanwhile, we keep packing, fixing stuff, and wiping off dust. Our realtor informed me yesterday that we have an "informal showing" on Friday (What on earth is informal, I ask? Someone's going to be looking in my closets, for cryin' out loud!). The house is not technically on the market but this person apparently is very ready to buy. This could be good. Perhaps too good.

Big deep breath. I can do this.

That's life around here.

So what's happening with you?


Laura said...

Wow, how do you ever clean that up? You are handling it well, I'd have freaked out :)

mholgate said...

I feel for you Katherine! When my husband and I were moving from one town to another, his youth group decided to bless us with tp while our house was on the market! I was so upset that I must have made them feel bad because they all came and helped pick it up.

Hang in there. Keep your thoughts on the end goal.

Brenda said...

So, I guess I can't complain about the girl scout cookies stacked on my fireplace?

Gosh, you take all the fun out of it.

And the person coming to look? They will be impressed. Yes, impressed is the word.

Julie said...

Hey, I woke up to toilet paper in the trees too. Your's looked like a really good job.

Hang in there your doing great. Hope everyone is feeling better soon.


Susanne said...

I admire you remaining so calm about the TPing. First time funny, second alright, but three? I'd have had a fit.

Hang in there! This phase of your life shall pass. Hope Allie is feeling better soon.

Laura said...

Hang in there!! Praying it all comes together quickly. How about Taco Cabana for dinner? I miss that restaurant! We've been having puppies! Hopefully I can get pics posted today!

Anonymous said...

Boy with friends like that who needs enemies??? I would have been livid the third time! Kudos to you for handling it! Take care, take a deep breath, and smile!


Beck said...

That is one tp'd tree, all right.
Packing! Bleh!

Jen said...

Right when we can breathe..we get pushed back into the water...that is what is happening here....we are in the middle of an ice storm....Madison is home again is out. I'm not having a great day...but you know what....your pep talk with me has worked really well..thank you.
I so hope Allie feels better soon and Ruthie figures out what happen to the

Dimple Queen said...

Wow, what a mess! That has happened to us before and Carlton was sure to let the whole youth group know that whoever did it, BETTER clean it up, or it was happening to their place (times 10) and they would have a bigger mess to clean up, because he was sure their parents wouldn't do it!

Not exactly the way I would have handled it, but it worked for him!

I've had a rough week myself. Blogged about it today. Chemical pregnancy.....ever heard of them....I just had my second one.

Marc and Charity said...

goodness, you make me tired just reading.

I said a prayer for you just now.

Sandy said...

Oh, the good ol' TP job.
How about mango crockpot chicken for dinner? YUM

Anonymous said...

I just want to say that your attitude reflected here is something I hope I have when I have teenaged pranksters leaving me gifts as I'm trying to get a house ready to sell. Good job, Mom. Keep up the good work. I'd love to meet you in real life. I think we'd hit it off.

Also, I don't think a few weeks of cereal or fast food killed anyone. Try "Waffle Wednesday". We love it here!!

Happy House Hunting!! Melanie in OR

kittyhox said...

Oh man, whatever happened to the rule about cleaning up when you TP a house? That was the rule in my day! Not cool!

On the other hand, maybe your kids have a lot of admirers...

You have SO much going on! Hang in there! I say pizza every night if necessary! It's only temporary...

Good look with the "informal" showing!

The Roaming Southerner said...

Wow, I've never been TP'd and I don't know how I would handle it. I admire your ability to find the humor in it!

I just wanted to wish you best of luck with the showing and the insanity of moving (also, loved your Princess Bride reference yesterday)

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Wow, GORGEOUS TP job! Your trees are just perfect, aren't they?

Just tell your interested parties that there's no extra charge for the front yard deco.

Hang in there, sister. Like all seasons, this will pass!

Anonymous said...

I'm new to your blog and I love it. Your attitude towards life and love of your family inspire me. Thanks!