Monday, February 04, 2008

More parenting questions - keep 'em coming!

I am going to be lying low this week. The painters will be here any minute, and (since they'll be sprucing up my laundry room while they're at it) I'll be spending my morning at the laundromat (I knew this was coming!!).

But never fear!

You have until tomorrow to ask Brenda Nixon your parenting questions. I hope this has been as helpful for you as it has been for me! I know you want to do your best as a mom, and I'm glad we can pray for each other - and share ideas to help each other along the way.

Be sure to submit your question as a comment on this post and Brenda will answer as a comment as well, so please be patient. I would suggest you check the box on the comment screen so Blogger can email you every time a new comment is made to that post. Either that, or just check back often!


Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

You crack me up with all your links! ;) Do you really want me to read this post, or go gallivanting all over elsewhere?

(I am so kidding- I shouldn't give a woman who has to go to the laundromat a hard time. I feel your pain.) (((Katherine)))

Julie said...

Hi Katherine,

I just poped over and spent some time catching up on your latest posts. Wow, you have been busy.

You have the cutest little laundry helpers ever.

Happy cleaning and packing,