Friday, February 01, 2008

Week/move wrap-up

A few things:

1. Parenting Questions:

I hope you are taking advantage of asking Brenda Nixon your most pressing parenting questions! Remember to post your question as a comment on this post, and Brenda will post her answer (also as a comment, so you might have to keep checking back). It got a little crazy yesterday, so if for some reason your question got overlooked, please email me (click on my profile and it will take you to my email). We'll get you taken care of!

2. An assignment and some points:

The other day my friend Marian (who does not have a blog, but I'm working on her) suggested on this post that my sister Rachel Anne should give Company Girl points for participating in creating a little...umm...shall we say, home sanctuary for our husbands. I sent her idea to Rachel right away.

So RUN DON'T WALK over to Home Sanctuary , because girls, today Rachel is giving 20 points just for doing something that makes you feel like a woman, with bonus points for making him happy! Up to 60 points total! Woohoo! That makes me happy, too! (And when you go over there, tell her I sent you!)

3. Move/Family Update:

And in case you think I just sit and blog all day, here's what's been going on behind the scenes this week:

We've been pulling teeth:
Spelling "foreground":
Commandeering Mom's camera with friends (what's new?):
Mostly, I've been PACKING. Depressing to know that my POD has so far to go to get full (doesn't it look pitifully empty?), and I've WORKED SO HARD.

But isn't my worker-man cute? Did I mention he's now taller (and buffer, but that didn't take much) than I am? My garage sale pile is growing:I had to take a picture of my kitchen, because it has NEVER been this free of debris in six years living here.

The reason it's so clean is that we are having some painting done. We just didn't have enough stress in our lives, I guess. We are crazy, I know.

Here's where some of the debris is. The rest is piled up in the middle of all the kids' bedrooms.Did I mention I love my life?

I would be tempted to quit, but I keep telling myself that I will get to look at something like this out my back window soon:

Must. Keep. Going.


Brenda said...

That pod is just big, that's all. You are making excellent progress.

Beck said...

The question-and-answers with Brenda Nixon were WONDERFUL - I got so many good ideas!
Real life can be so busy, eh? It's been so cold here that we had to stay inside all day.... crazy!

Marian said...

Go, go , go! You can do it.

For whatever reason, I clicked on my name just to see what actually comes up on the profile, which I haven't filled out yet, beyond "Pennsylvania." I was really shocked to see that I also reside in Afghanistan and am employed in the accounting industry! Hmmmm... Must've hit a random key somewhere.

Sherri@NoiseOverload said...

Well babe, you are certainly not boring! I miss you.

Susanne said...

My goodness. What a lot of work. Now I remember why we haven't moved in 15 years. Bless you in your venture, Katherine.

The camera commandeering made me laugh. I usually had wonderful pictures of tonsils, and fillings, great shots of nostrils and a few of eyeballs. And in full face shots never one that didn't have a least one child with their mouth wide open. We finally solved the comandeering by getting them their own cameras for Christmas. LOL.

Grafted Branch said...

Fun post!

Dimple Queen said...

You have been SO busy!!! Just keep reminding yourself of that picture that you hope to see from your window one day soon!!

About the camera thing... my Timothy (4 at the time) took my phone into his bathroom....I got a picture of his toy geko on the counter, his nose up close (very close, and his underwear/shorts and bare feet!! He was sitting on the potty taking all these pictures....I had to laugh because I didn't even know it had happened until 2 or 3 days later!!! LOL

Tricia Goyer said...

Moving is never easy.

I've been going through stuf, too. I got rid of like 10 board games tonight that the kids don't play. It feels GOOD to clean and organize!

Jen said...

That will all be worth it looking at that amazing view God created. Hang in seems it may never end but it will. I was there one year ago today and now things are calm..for now.