Friday, February 29, 2008

Yes, we have no stove

A note of thanks to those of you who offered crock pot and grill recipes last week. We tried several of your ideas (yum!).

I needed all the help I could get, because on Monday, after three (COUNT 'EM!!) weeks without a stove, (and the very day my stove was supposed to be reconnected), it got FRIED.

Yep, apparently there are two sets of wires that need to be connected, and it had sat disconnected so long, the workers had forgotten to connect one set before they connected the other wires to the 220 power source.

Can you say, POOF?

The first time, it threw the breaker, so they reset the breaker and tried it again. The next time, it threw out the TRANSFORMER. Yup, MY HOUSE made my ENTIRE BLOCK go without power for several hours on Monday. Ooops. My apologies to all my neighbors.

By yesterday, I began to get desperate for something not grilled, not baked, and not crocked. (Remember, I put all my "nonessential" electrical appliances in the POD, including my electric skillet and my waffle iron. Wait a minute, I think that's all I own, anyway!).

I began to dream of things - boiled things, fried things, steamed things. Things I am ashamed I have taken for granted, lo these many heretofore-stove-blessed years: Boiled pasta! Rice! Boiled eggs! Fried eggs! Chicken Noodle Soup! Spaghetti sauce with meat! And for Neal(13), Hamburger Helper!

And the most painful of all (only my sister Rachel Anne understands my love of Mexican food): I have gone almost four weeks without a QUESADILLA!

Since desperation knows no bounds, I borrowed a neighbor's electric sandwich grill last night (I am not about to pay a dime to buy another one of something I already own, even if I won't see it for three months!).

The little girls thought they were in heaven with a lowly grilled cheese sandwich (oh, to have been able to offer them some Mac N Cheese, but let's not even let ourselves drool over such a stove-top delicacy).

And I? I made quesadillas. Corn tortillas with a bit of butter, stuffed with leftover chicken from the other night, sliced to perfection, loaded with cheese and with a quick dusting of salt. Some sour cream and salsa on the side, and I was in heaven.

As I savored my favorite food - not one bite baked, grilled or crocked (at least not tonight) - I even began to think I didn't really need a stove after all.


But I'll appreciate it so much more when I do have one again. Hopefully soon.


Laura said...

Oh my goodness girl, you are such a trooper! So glad you got a "fix" in. Your house looks beautiful by the way, looking forward to hearing how the house hunting is coming along.

Have a super weekend!


Laura said...

The house looks GREAT! How is the house hunting going?

Beck said...

Oh, Katherine! Having no stove is a horrible thing - but your house looks GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are a strong woman. How have you gone this long without mexican food?! Well, I am so glad you got to have a quesadilla finally! And it sounds so yummy.....I wish I had one right now.
Hang in there. You are right about appreciating the stove more when you have one again.

Jen said...

I wish I lived near you I would have you ALL over for dinner. A BIG Fried dinner......

Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm, quesadillas! I hear you. I have to have my Mexican food fix a couple of times each week. Bring on the jalapenos!


Marian said...

This made me think of you... =)