Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter pics

On Easter Sunday the home-showing service was closed, which was good, because we never would have made it to church, everyone dressed, house perfect, AND in a worshipful attitude. After all, we spent all day Saturday at Six Flags, and fell into bed, exhausted, close to midnight.

As I lay in bed, as happens most years, I was wishing I'd put a little more thought into the clothing situation. I was hoping everyone had something clean (let alone "Eastery"), because (if it weren't for Dennis picking up dresses for the little girls while on a Sam's Club outing), for the life of me, I hadn't even thought about what everyone was going to wear. And to think I used to be such an organized mom when the kids were all small.

Anyway, somehow we pulled it together, but at a price: We left the house a complete disaster.

About halfway through church, our realtor text messaged Dennis saying someone had called her to see the house (YES, it was on "silent." I know you were wondering that.). Since negotiations had stalled with our buyers, Dennis made an executive decision: They could come after three o'clock.

And no, he did not even tell me about this until after church. I suppose he knew my mind couldn't stay focused on the sermon if I were thinking about all I needed to do. What a guy.

Three o'clock was when we were supposed to be at my brother Eric's house, seeing as we wanted to avoid a repeat performance of last Easter's ranch-dressing-on-the-shoelaces incident.

We got home at 12:45, I got my cheesy potatoes and salad going, quickly took one picture of the kids (being goofy as usual),then put them to work. Here's Neal-13 proving he can mop.
Libby-10 dusting:
Allie-14 multitasking (though we all know she's really only doing one thing well at a time):
Annie-6 cleaned the storm door then took to her assignment to keep Ruthie-4 occupied.We arrived at my brother's house about 3:15. A bit sweaty, but no worse for the wear (I lit lots of candles to get the cheesy potatoes smell out of the house. Not sure we were successful. Maybe it smelled homey?).

In addition to celebrating our Lord's resurrection, we celebrated my dad's 7oth birthday. Here the little cousins show so much restraint. They wanted to help him blow out those candles so badly! Here he is with Allie (and Neal, goofy as ever). I love my Daddy.And here my brother Dan (a chiropractor) does some charity work for Rachel Anne. I would have posted a picture of MY adjustment, but it just wasn't pretty. I just wish you lived closer, Dan.And here are the big-girl cousins - Rachel's girls Em (top), and Elle (center) with Allie and Libby.So good to see everyone. Wish we could see each other more often!


Deidre said...

Oh, I cannot wait until my girls can help with the work around here!!! I cannot wait!

I have offered to build a room onto my house for my chiropractor, but so far, he hasn't taken me up on it. His 5 kids would have to come to, so we're keeping things the way they are for now - visits for Eric and myself every other week and the girls every six. Ahhhh....I love it!

I hope you have good news on your house soon!

Anonymous said...

ANy interest from those looking?

Jen said... sounds like a great day...I love family gatherings...esp on holidays. Your family is beautiful. Be thankful for this.

Beck said...

Look at your kids WORK! Way to raise them up right.
(and what a beautiful family!)

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Go Team! Good job getting that place in order.

The girls looked gorgeous in their Sam's Easter dresses, by the way.

And my dad's 70th is this year, too.

I hope the showing went well!

Anonymous said...

Your dad is as cute as ever! And the last time I saw Danny, I'm pretty sure he was in diapers. Thanks for the super photos!

Unknown said...

Great job on the quick clean!! And happy belated birthday to your dad!

Melody said...

I am quite surprised that people would be house hunting on Easter Sunday, maybe they go to church on Saturday. :)

At least after you got home from Easter dinner the house was clean.

I sooo wish I had a brother who was a chiropractor. Actually, I just wish I had a chiropractor. I am going to have to look into that.

I hope all the effort on your house pays off.

The Roaming Southerner said...

Wow, what an eventful Easter...and productive too...made ours seem way too tame.

Hope you were able to rest up after!

Julie said...
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Julie said...

Sorry I made an error in my fast typing and couldn't fix it so I had to delete the previous comment...So here's what I meant to say....

Hey I'm raising 5 too, well sorta.

My oldest 21 years, is currently overseas on a 5 month's missions trip.

My 2nd is 17
Third is 15
Fourth is 13
Fifth is 10

So I'm actually raising 4 at home and one overseas
right now! : )

I saw you mentioned Six Flags. Do you all live near Atlanta? I live 1 hour north of Atlanta in the North Georgia mountains. I didn't know if that was the Six Flags you went to.

I also know about the house showing with 5 underfoot. We were there for the 2nd time just a year ago.

I feel ya!


Julie said...

Well, it sounds like a really nice Easter even if you did have to clean.

Loved the pics.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful family! Good luck on the house!

My husband went to school to be a chiropractor, but he got a little side-tracked, so.. he's a carpenter/landscaper/restaurant owner instead.