Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Life goes on

The bad part about having a project consume whole months of your year (did we really start talking about moving back in December?), is that while my life has come to a complete standstill, the rest of the world just keeps going on.

So today I realized I'd better get it in gear and get my taxes done. I'm hoping for a nice fat refund, the one we count on most years as forced savings for our family vacation, although this year it will probably go towards a huge moving truck.

The other thing that has snuck up on me is my nursing license renewal. Since this is my birthday month and an even year, here we are again (the ridiculous nature of this biennial ritual was the topic of one of my very first posts almost two years ago!). Every two years I have to complete continuing education credits, then wrestle over which box to check: inactive or unemployed. Unemployed implies laziness, and inactive is such an unkind word, as if for the last seven years since I've ceased to receive a paycheck, I've been doing nothing. Ugh.

I know I'll never work in a hospital again, and I sincerely doubt I'll ever need to write RN behind my name again, either. But (once I get past the test anxiety) I do enjoy keeping up at least a little in a field that, not so very long ago, meant the difference between buying groceries or doing without. It keeps my mind strong, and it reminds me to be thankful that I get to be home.


Angela S said...

You can make it through. My mom has six, oldest would be 27 this year. She stopped working 27 years ago. But has kept up her nursing license the entire time. She doubts she'll ever go back to it but has always felt like it was important to do. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I think it's always good to have a back up plan. Never know when God will call you to be an RN again. The ever-practical, Melanie in ORegon

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

Right now I've kept mine on active status. When the time comes I may go inactive just to avoid the fees. In my state I don't need proof of continuing ed.

Anonymous said...

I'm a physical therapist and I worked really hard to get into school and take that 4 hour licensing test afterward. You probably did, too, as a nurse. You never know, you might be called on to be a speaker or writer as an RN one day. Like the others have said, the Lord might have plans for those initials that you can't even imagine right now. I think you are doing the smart thing to keep renewing.