Thursday, April 24, 2008

And on to other more mundane subjects

I thought this was a great one for people like me who are always flying by the seat of their pants. Think ahead to chill a water bottle or juice box? Pshaw. My kids are used to drinking everything tepid. But no more.

Of course, I'd rather be chilling home made ice cream, but a cool drink will have to do for now. Try it - it works!

Chill A Coke In 2 Minutes! - The most popular videos are here


Mary said...

Well if that isn't just about the coolest thing yet! We never have cold drinks in the fridge so I'll be trying this one out.

Phebe said...

I love how he pours it in the dog bowl at the end. Mm... Fido high on caffeine? Now there's a thought!

Jamie said...

This is some helpful information! We'll use it for sure at our house.

Mommy-fied said...

I just love tips like this. Who knew cooling drinks was so easy?

By the way, I want to tell you, You are one brave woman! Will be praying for you as your family goes through the major move.

God bless!

Love Being A Nonny said...

I have an even better idea...pour the drink over the ice!!! :)

Love your new home/move stories and pray for you and your family when I read them!

A friend thru your entries in NC

Bethany said...

How handy!! That's great for our family BBQ's. We always ask people to bring a six pack of soda but rarely does anyone chill them first. We are alway dumping them into our tub (we use an old washtub as an ice chest for our BBQ's) and they never get cold enough in time!

I'll remember this one!

Thanks for sharing!