Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We interrupt this move

...to take care of sick kids.

In addition to the various and sundry injuries Allie(14) has incurred in the last few weeks, Annie(6) wins second runner-up.

A week ago Thursday, she came home from school and casually mentioned that she'd fallen off the monkey bars. I gave her the requisite Children's Motrin and cool washcloth and went about my afternoon. She was a little quiet, and I would have expected her to have a headache, but, well, it had been a long day. For all of us. I put her to bed and didn't think a thing about it. "You'll feel better in the morning," I said optimistically.

The next day she came home from school, complained of a headache, neckache and stomach ache, and, after complaining that it was too bright in the living room, proceeded to curl up on the sofa and fall asleep. When she woke up complaining even more about her headache, and (this got me a little freaked out) she said she was having trouble lifting her arms.

[DUH] About 9:30 that night I finally started putting the pieces together. So off we went to the ER, where we discovered that any mention of "fall" and "children" in the same sentence gets you the golden ticket straight to the CAT scan. Of course, there were no broken bones or bleeding into her brain, but wouldn't I have felt awful if she'd fallen into a foaming seizure the next day because I'd been too busy (and optimistic) to make sure?

So it was (just) a concussion - just enough to make her feel miserable for an entire week. But it was all worth it in her mind to be able to bring her neck brace (the ones ER nurses put on everyone who comes in complaining of whiplash-like symptoms) for show-and-tell on Monday.

Fast forward a week or so. Saturday Annie said she didn't feel good (what else is new?). By evening she had a raging fever. So my plans of packing up the house this weekend were pretty much dashed in favor of sitting on the sofa, patting her arm, and bending the straw "just so." (Dennis, on the other hand, steamrolled through the garage like a wild man. Only half a POD left!).

Today was the fourth day of the fever, so I took her to the doctor. She's got a cough now, too, so let's hope a round of Zithromax does her some good. Let's hope it does both of us some good!

Of course, I did sneak in some laptop time while I was banished to the sofa with Annie this weekend. I mostly spent it researching carpet choices (nylon is best) and more plant selections for our new yard.

Somehow I need to get the back yard to go from looking like this:To this:As you can see, I've got my work cut out for me.


Elspeth said...

So sorry to hear about the sick kids. That's always rough. Hope everyone recovers fully very soon.

As for the back yard, yeah, you've got your work cut out for sure, but it will be beautiful when its done!

kittyhox said...

I'm so sorry about your sweet baby's concussion! Scary.

I think that back yard looks like a perfect blank slate. Tons of space!

Hope everyone recovers quickly so you all can finish getting ready for the move!

Jen said...

If you get your yard looking like this I want to know how you did it.

Gina Conroy said...

Oh my! Trips to the ER are never fun and often times scary. I'm glad she's pulled through okay! I haven't been around in a while so I'll have to see what this move is all about!

Sunny said...

Sorry to hear about the sick kids...and the concussion! (I'd have done the same as you, though, so dont feel too bad).

I love your idea of a back yard! I agree with Jen...if you get it done you'll have to tell us how you did it. Or better yet, blog about it along the way!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

poor baby! i'm glad it's nothing too serious, though. i had a similar experience last feb. with my then-2-yo son, who broke his leg, but we just 'let him rest' for 2 days before realizing how bad it was! that's what Grace is for.
The yard looks like a lot of work, but something tells me you'll enjoy the process.
Godspeed on packing...

Mrs. Darling said...

Your poor little girl!

And boy do I hear ya on the back yard. I want mine to look like that too. Unfortunately it may have to wait for retirement until I find the time! LOL

MaryLu said...

Been a little distracted lately to keep up with your blog. My Miss Busy conked her head in a head on collision on the playground with another boy. Black eye swollen shut, stitches above her brow.
I'm so glad the paramedics were called at the school and then we went straight to the ER, CT scan and the whole works.
I know how you feel about the distracted mothering. Same story, different verse at our house. (Except we don't have a house move going in the process!) Bless your heart, I feel for you. Keeping you guys in prayer, tough times, I tell ya!
Love the backyard pictures, you go, girl!! Looks like you have lots to work with, you'll have that backyard paradise any day now, huh?

Brenda said...

Poor baby! A concussion from the monkey bars!

The yard looks great in that second picture. How are you planning to get that stone cottage moved in? :)