Friday, April 11, 2008

Where oh where have you been?

I thought I'd better check in, lest you think I've fallen off the face of the earth. Well, I sort of have. I'm in Houston.

Yup, Allie-14 is playing in a huge volleyball tournament, and we are 280 bluebonnet-lined highway miles from home. As we speak, I am lounging on a sumptuous hotel bed -- my very own double, with four pillows all to myself (never mind the four teenagers piled on the other one watching TV while I type this).

This morning I enjoyed a VERY LONG HOT SHOWER during which no one interrupted me, and after which I wrapped myself in a velvety 100 percent Egyptian cotton bath sheet. I smile at the memory. I just hate it when I have to "take one for the team," don't you?

We will be here all weekend, just the two of us in a room (when she's not playing her heart out and I'm not cheering mine out). I think this should be good for us to get away from the whole move thing for a while.

The last time I went on a weekend away (was it really almost two years ago? I am SO PITIFUL!) was the only time Dennis has ever hijacked my blog. Back then, our kids were, well, two years younger, so this should theoretically be a piece of cake.

I talked with Dennis earlier, and he apparently got everyone out the door this morning. He said he was holding up well. He worked from home today and had lunch with Libby-10 and Annie-6 at school. Then he took Ruthie-4 to the barber shop while he got his hair cut.

"How'd she do, just sitting there while you got your hair cut?" I asked, impressed.

"Oh, great! In fact, Scotty [the barber man] said, 'Hey, why don't you let her hop up here and I'll trim her bangs!'"

I tried to restrain the hysteria I felt rising in my voice. Hasn't he EVEN noticed that we've been trying to grow Ruthie's bangs out since she gave herself the mini-hemi-mullet NINE MONTHS AGO?? "Y-y-you didn't let him, did you?"

Dennis continued, oblivious. "Oh, yeah. She was so cute and sat so still. They were way down past her eyelashes. He just trimmed a little bit."

"Like, how little? Are they above her eyebrows now?" Please say no! Please say no!

"Um, let me look." There was a little pause while Ruthie obviously pranced before him displaying her new 'do. "Yep. She looks so precious!"

I'm sure she does look precious, but Oh. My. Gracious. Remind me never to let the man who gets his hair cut every three weeks take his daughter to the barber shop, okay?? All those months wrangling [what was left of ] her curls into headbands and teensy butterfly clips...WASTED!

After a few words explaining my shock and horror, I reaffirmed my love for him, and how it's just hair. It IS, isn't it?

On another note, we are still not sure what's going to happen with our fixer-upper offer in the country. We are talking with our realtor tonight about our plan in case things fall through. It's in God's hands, which is good, because I'm really wanting to take things into my own about now. His are much bigger.


fAiThFuL cHiCk said...

Oh, I just LOVE hotels. I would live in one if my bunch would let me.

Hope everything goes smooth with the offer on the home.

Enjoy your hotel-rest.

Anonymous said...

I love staying in hotels. Well, nice ones anyway. :)
We will be taking a trip this summer that involves a hotel and I just hope it is fun!
I pray every thing goes well with your offer!

Susanne said...

I used to love going with Kay on her basketball tournaments. I really, really miss it.

I didn't know whether to giggle or cry at the bangs story.

Jen said...

Hilarious our men. They just don't they? I hope you rest and have great peace on this mini trip with Allie.....enjoy your down time.

Etta said...

Where exactly in Houston are you. I live in Kingwood, a NE suburb of Houston. Technically within the city limits, though that's not saying much. Just curious.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

OOH, I am oh, so envious of you right now! But you undeniably need the break more than I.

I'll just have to look forward to my mini girl-vaca coming up in June.

Oh, and the haircut thing? ABSOLUTELY something Big Daddy would have done. That's life, huh?

Have a GREAT weekend, my friend!

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Oh no! I cannot believe he ruined all the bangs growing efforts! I had bangs once and spent a zillion years growing them out. I would not wish that torture upon my worst enemy. Poor girl. (Poor mom, lol.)

Enjoy the hotel and the time away.

I'm praying about your country home search...

Joyfulness said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who is amazed at the things my husband does to "help". And I cannot be upset because he really does have a huge heart to help! I'm sure she does look very precious with her cute little bangs. Enjoy your time away!

Dimple Queen said...

Oh how funny, but not really!!!! I just made sure to tell my hubby the other day to NOT let Rachel's bangs get cut! She has a recital (her 1st) in a little over a month and I just found out that all of her hair will have to be slicked back!!!! O I would have died! LOL

Hope you had a great time in Houston!


Unknown said...

You've got to be kidding. I was in Houston last weekend--for a wedding, stayed with family. We could have maybe had coffee. . . .

It was luxurious for me--I went sans kids as well and stayed with family. We were all just a bunch of grownups sitting around talking civilly. Imagine.

I can't believe Dennis' post was 2 years ago. I remember that. Wow.

Anonymous said...


I'm totally off topic here, but in doing some spring cleaning, I found a copy of the photo card your family distributed before you left for Mexico in ~1977.

Do you have one? Do you want mine?


Katherine@Raising Five said...


I'm sure my mom has one in a box somewhere. Thank you for thinking of me! Would you email me at raisingfive (at) Then we can talk more!


Peapod Four said...

Dennis' post was great! I'm still grinning and shaking my head. ; )