Tuesday, May 06, 2008

More of the same

It's a wild and stormy day today, just the kind of day that's good for doing laundry, paying bills, and reflecting on life.

Yesterday I took Allie up to our Future Small Town to register her for 9th grade. I didn't really need to, but her school is revving up the hype about the transition to high school here, so I only thought it was fair. It was just what she needed to see. The school building is brand new, the counselor was very nice, and it didn't hurt that some cute guys walked by. I could see the wheels in her head turning, visualizing herself walking those halls (demurely dodging all those cute guys, I'm sure!).

I know she can't comprehend Just How Small the school is compared to her suburban middle school (100 kids per class versus 350), let alone compared to her would-be-future suburban high school (1100 kids per class). The counselor made a comment about not having as many courses to choose from (our suburban school's course catalog reads like it came from a college), but I am SO okay with that. Unlimited choices are not the solution to life's problems, and sometimes create problems of their own. This school will be just right for her.

Of course, now Neal (13) wants me to take him out of school so he can visit the middle school (where he'll be a big 8th grader next year). I see I've started something here. Oops.

We are finally within sight of our move, but the next two weeks are going to be incredibly busy. Allie(14) has her musical coming up, and we promised parties for Annie (6) and Libby (10), whose birthdays always fall on school breaks. Annie is inviting five friends for her first "sleepover" on Friday. We told her she had to be seven for her first one, but since we're moving, well, we're bending the "tradition" a bit. Besides, only one or two girls will actually spend the night - and those are daughters of family friends who are like sisters anyway. But let's not spoil the fun. She's been wearing her pajamas for a week now.

And, in my quest for just the right landscaping plan for our fixer-upper, this weekend I found a design company that specializes in larger properties (read: English countryside estates) called Acres Wild. ALL the photos in their portfolio are breathtaking, and if I had a million dollars and my own personal designer, I'd have my backyard look like this:

I love how they use swaths of flowing grasses and interesting plants to make the illusion of never-ending paths. Something I want to try (on a rather limited scale!) to transform our 1-1/2 acre patch of weeds into a patch of heaven. Ah, it's good to dream!

And now off to fold laundry....


Rachel Anne said...

I can't wait to see what you do so I can copy it....:)

You are my inspiration!

Unknown said...

Ooooh--I agree. I love those paths, and that green grass! Our house was originally built on a sort of slope, so from what I understand they added a lot of fill to bring it up level (over 10 years ago), and it just doesn't grow nice grass. We've been working on it. . . .

Elspeth said...

My daughter is transitioning from middle school to an enormous high school next year, and I am a little nervous. Fortunately, because of the enormity of the place, they had a separate campus built especially for 9th graders. Does that give you some idea of how massive the place is? Anyway, I think it great that Ally is getting to go to a smaller campus.

As for your landscaping project, post pictures upon completion! We'd love to see the finished result.

And Happy Birthday Ruthie!

Elspeth said...

I meant Happy Birthday Annie, sorry!

Sunny said...

Oh! Moving, changing schools, sibling rivalry...that about sums up my childhood! Smart move to let her see the new school beforehand.

Love the landscaping dreams! Cant wait to see what you do with your blank slate.

Beck said...

What what what? 1100 kids PER CLASS? Good grief! There were less than 700 kid in my whole HIGH SCHOOL, and it was a five year school at the time.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

I can't tell you how excited I am for you guys, and how happy I get every time I see you've posted another update.

Cause I'm a big old dork.

Sounds like you've got great plans for your landscaping. We're just thrilled this year to have green grass, and that all the perennials are coming back. It's all relative.

Julie said...

100 kids per class? How wonderful. I would love for my kids to go to a small high school like that (without having to pay for the private school).

We are thinking about moving and I am blaming it all on you. Your talk of country life and all. There's a picture up on my blog of the property. We are still praying about it.

Have a great day Katherine,

Anonymous said...

I'm glad things are falling into place. I'm definitely not envious about the packing and unpacking, etc. I'll pray for you!

And I hope you get the garden of your dreams! :)

MaryLu said...

Love it! Take pictures when you get your millions and actually create that lovely haven.

Leslie said...

I can't tell you how much I've missed reading your blog while I've been away! I snuck away with the rarely available laptop to sneak a peak today and gosh... I just want to read forever.
Sounds like things are crazy but also amazing. It seems like amazing changes always equal chaos in life, so I hope that's encouraging. :)
Can't wait to catch up on all of these posts when I am stateside again. Blessings!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Why - my yard looks just like that! How did they get a picture? ---NOT! LOL