Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day recuperation

I'm recuperating from Party Weekend here at the Raising Five house. Things went as well as could be expected, which tells you that I set my expectations reasonably low, and then was pleasantly surprised. I'll have more pictures later in the week if I can get to the computer again.

I got to spend my Mother's Day lunch with my friend Cheryl's family - here we are at the table - ten kids between us (Allie had a friend along). While the adults were over there at the end of the table changing the world, the kids quietly occupied themselves. I was proud of them, with the possible exception of when they took turns teaching each other tricks to do with the menus (did you know you can send a crayon 12 feet in the air if you slam it just right?).

I guess we got a little long-winded (it was the closest thing to a double date Dennis and I have been on in WAY too long!), because the kids were absolutely HYPER on the way home. I caught this when things had already died down about 100 decibels:

(I can't figure out why there are two pics - ignore the second one)

Allie's friend (front left, looking like she has never seen anything like this before) is an only child and I'm worried she will ever go anywhere in the car with us ever again.

Now you know why I say "It's loud. It's crazy," etc.

I'm not lyin'.


Jen said...

I'm laughing my head off. Allie....a nut isn't she? I love loud though...so I would fit right in. SO would Madison.....glad you had a good Mother's day girl.

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Again with the respect for your sanity.

And here I was hoping that things would become more quiet as mine get older - not so much, huh?

At the same time - looks like you guys had a WONDERFUL time. Happy Late Mother's Day.

Susanne said...

Allie's friend probably loved every minute of it. Brave of you to take on a restaurant. What I want to know is who figured out how to shoot the crayon so high.

Beck said...

I remember very well my middle brother's shell-shocked look as he left my house after his last visit, muttering "Three kids are a LOT of kids...."

Andrea said...

LOL that is too funny.
Katherine, if you feel like taking a break and doing a meme, you know, since you are like totally free from work (lol) I tagged you at my place.

Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

From one loud, crazy house to another, what would life be like without the noise and chaos?

I, for one, can only imagine because I am an only child...I love my life with five kiddos!!

~Shelia said...

I am sure I always had that same look on my face when I went anywhere with friends and their families. It is a huge shock to us "onlies"... how families with siblings act.

I still find myself referring to my husband about things our 3 kids and their friends do to see if that is "normal". He just chuckles and reassures me that "yes, that is normal... and it goes on forever!"