Monday, June 16, 2008

Do I look like I have time to sit on hold for an hour?

I really should be folding laundry, but I just have to vent.

I have just spent the last hour - wait, hour and a half - trying to untangle the massive web of confusion that is my telephone/internet/cable service. Like I have time for that.

We have been satisfied customers of a certain phone/internet company for years, so it seemed logical that we would keep service with them when we moved the thirty miles north. One would think. I was promised a too-good-to-be-true package deal, but I was mainly happy to be able to keep my home email address, all with one 45-minute phone call to one customer service representative, who promised to call me back with the confirmation number.

I was distracted with moving, so several days passed before I realized I never got the call back.

When I called to follow up, you guessed it: NO ORDER WAS PLACED. Another 45-minute call to RE-place the order.

Then, a couple of days before we moved, we got a call from the phone company, saying there was already telephone service at the address (which has been vacant for almost a year). Hmmm.

We spent the first weekend with no phone or internet service whatsoever, and with the Memorial Day holiday, we couldn't even call to ask them, "What IS the deal, guys??"

When we were finally able to talk with a real person, we were informed that the representative who took our SECOND order PUT IN THE WRONG ADDRESS! (Surely that is covered Customer Service Training Session #1, but apparently not.)

Of course, they couldn't even create our internet order until the phone order was processed, so that was yet another week.

Since then, it has been one issue after another, one 45-minute call to customer service and tech support after another.
Hour after annoying menu-driven hour. WASTED. Including the time I called because they had disconnected my EMAIL. I had to "reapply" for the email address I've had for four years with them. Was this not the reason we stayed with them in the first place, so I wouldn't have to change email addresses? I ask you.

Then I got the bill. Libby-10 handed me the envelope.
She has watched the back of my nearly-bald head as I've been on the phone with these people, tearing my hair out, for three solid weeks!! She pointed to the advertising on the front and quipped, "Now THAT's a lie!"

It said (in bold red letters):

HAHAHA. Now THAT is funny!

Not only did they NOT give me the "deal" they promised, they also billed me from the day I originally REQUESTED the service (yeah, the day they tried to hook it up at my neighbor's house!!). Then, just because they could, they billed me for fiber optic service at our at our OLD house.

So, after several calls today (20 minutes to the telephone person, 20 minutes to the
DSL person, and at least two long calls through the Menu Maze that ended in the recording, "We're sorry, but this call cannot be completed at this time. Please call again later!" *Click*), I have some credits but not all of them.

At this point, it's not about the money. It's almost comical to see just how bad it can really get.

After 20 minutes to the
Fiber Optic person, I hesitatingly agreed to let the representative call me back when she gets the credit confirmation so I wouldn't have to keep holding so long (hey, isn't this where things broke down once before?).

Okay, back to laundry. I do feel better after venting. Balder, but better.

I'll feel even better if I get I call back today...


Anonymous said...

oh Katherine,

i do hope your phone rings today!!!!

Susanne said...

How frustrating. Hope you have some hair left when it's all said and done.

Jen said...

I wished Scott and I lived close to you. He is a phone man. Sorry you went through this. At least you feel better now that you vented. How is the inside of the house coming along?

Julie said...

How discouraging! I was wondering where you have been. My sis asked me today if you had posted! She was into your moving/remodeling blogs. I got her started on Blogging and she is hooked!
Now the whole thing makes sense - you couldn't blog with no service. I would have gone insane!
So, how is the house? Did you get a lot of laundry completed?
I hope things calm down for you!

Lori - Queen of Dirty Laundry said...

Oh, I can sympathize! I've spent what seems like hours on the phone with our cell phone provider, trying to accomplish ONE simple change. ONE.

I hope your mess is straightened out soon.

Cassandra said...

This is when you drive all five kids and yourself down to the home office and deal face to face, all the while not really caring if the kids behave or not. Its called p.a.y.b.a.c.k. See if it takes them an hour then..... :)

megan said...

In France (where we live) it takes 8-10 weeks to get service, they charge you 34 centimes a minute(about 58 cents) to call customer service,(which usually takes about 30 minutes), and you are billed for the 10 weeks you wait for the service to be installed. And all this must be conducted in French. So yeah, this sounds all too familiar!