Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Cool flying

This summer has been admittedly low on fun for the kids. Mostly because the enormous expense of the move made us unusually low on vacation funds (ie, no trips to California this year!). Somehow the kids don't count unpacking as a Fun Family Event (neither did I, for that matter!)

We've hung out with friends, hit the dollar movies a few times, and frequented "happy hour" at Sonic (because every small Texas town has one and I can't resist 1/2 price cherry limeades!). But no big out of town trips. So sad!

However, we did manage to get away to a local lake this last weekend with Dennis's brother's family. We had a ball, even though the high temp was a record 106!! We had no idea it was that hot because we were busy swimming. The biggest hit was jumping off of a double decker party barge. Had to show off some of the "flying" pictures:

The Dynamic Duo leap (love Dennis's look of determination):

The Jumping Jack:
The 'Hey Mom' Jump:

The Flip:The Cutie Pie (okay so it's not a jump but she is cute):
Of course, no one caught a picture of ME jumping off - even though I had to "prove" to Libby-10 that she would not die if she flung herself to the depths beneath. I'm not the most graceful thing (I haven't jumped 10 feet since I was about...10! Heights are just not my thing.) and I got water in my nose EVERY TIME. It did help her get up her nerve, but maybe it's good that we don't have the visual reminder of a screaming, waterlogged mother, barely overcoming her own fears to jump into the lake ("See, it's just NO BIG DEAL, honey!"), preserved for all of posterity.


Julie said...

Watch out olympics here you come! Oh what fun!!! Would love to have seen a pic of you and your death defying jump!

Ariel said...

It certainly looks like they had fun!!

Julie said...

Ditto with the heights. Looks like the rest had fun, though. And I'm glad you didn't notice the heat!

Julie said...

Sounds like fun. We stayed around the house this summer too.

Jamie said...

It looks like you all had a blast! We stayed fairly close to home for our vacation as well this year. We just tried to create some memories...sounds like you've done the same.

And, I too, love happy hour at Sonic!

Susanne said...

That looks like sooo much fun! But 106?! Oh my.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

"See, it's no big deal honey! (cough cough)" That would be me. :)

Hey, this week we have no Daddy, very little money, and I don't feel comfortable driving very far in this big city, yet... so we frequent the park, hit the library, buy milk at Wal-mart, and sit on the back deck enjoying our Cherry-Limeade popsicles by Minute Maid (from Sam's - super yummy!). It's all in how you present it, right?

Love to you!

Jen said...

Weekends like this are great. We didnt do anything big this summer either...we are doing our family vacation in October on fall break. But Madison has done alot so as long as she is happy..Me and Miller are fine with the pool.

Beck said...

Ack! Those pictures are wild!
I feel like we've had lots of adventures of the around home sort this summer, but because they're on the weekends, and surrounded by long boring patches of week... I dunno. It's about a C- summer for us.

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