Tuesday, August 05, 2008

End of summer

Well, technically, we are nowhere NEAR the end of summer. It's been over 100 degrees the past several days here with barely a reprieve in sight. Ugh.

But Allie-14 started two-a-days for volleyball this week (out the door every morning by 7:45!), and today I register the Big Four for school. I sense the end is near.

Funny, it's bittersweet. In some ways I feel very settled here in our new Small Town. Most everything has been located that's been packed or stored (note: I did NOT say it's all been put away...we just know which box it's in!), and I'm making progress getting pictures put up. I can find my way around town (not that that's too hard!), and I'm learning where the shopping is in the surrounding area.

But in other ways, I feel that homesickness has just begun. Maybe because the adrenaline is finally subsiding and we are back to just plain "doing life." And life is SO DIFFERENT.

Different town, different house, different church, different doctors, different grocery store...different EVERYTHING! After almost 15 years (ALL of my parenting years!) in the same Big Suburb, I think I underestimated how much I relied on the familiar. It makes me understand why my kids have been more emotional this summer than any other one on record.

But different is good, though. Dennis is working from home now, and we've all enjoyed his company. The kids have made friends, and I'm betting with the start of school, I will, too.

I'm hopeful.


Cassandra said...

I left the familiar three years ago for a new town in a new state and school was the beginning of meeting some moms and making some friends. I cannot tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog and have even printed several posts off to really read through and absorb (parenting issues). SO I pray you find some really solid great christian connections there in your new town. may it start to feel more like home. :)

~Amy~ said...

Hi Katherine I have left you a nice little something over on my blog, please come over and get it.

Beck said...

It won't stop raining here and we're having a thunderstorm that's so intense that I just thought the roof fell off. That's what summer is often like here.

But I AM beginning to think of what the'll need for school... I still sometimes miss the city we lived in SIX YEARS AGO. Change is hard even when it is good.

Jen said...

School starts here tomorrow..Madison will be in the middle school and I fear this. I'm praying for you though friend..being in a new place is exciting yet a little scary.

Julie said...

I am sorry you have the moving blues! You will find your "niche" and fall right into it~

Andrea said...

I have no doubt you'll pick up where you left off soon enough, Katherine. =)

Julie said...

Who wouldn't want to be your friend? I know I would love to live close to you.

Rosie : ) said...

Hope you like your new area and that the kids will adjust quickly enough.

New adventures are good for you, and even more fun for the kids. :)

Phoebe said...

Nothing seems harder than moving to a new town. It's hard but I've found that the more I immerse myself the more friends I find. Particularly with volunteering at church. Good luck.

Debbie said...

Katherine, your posts are always so appropriate. (I was going to be fancy and write "appra-poe", but I don't know how to spell it!) Were you my twin sister in another life? We have so much in common!

You referred to this as a pitiful post (I read your posts backwards). I don't think so. Just honest about how you feel. There's no doubt about it, moving is stressful and even emotional. You have dealt w/ a lot.

I love that you can see humor in the tough stuff. It helps me to remember to "lighten up" sometimes.

We have lived here in our house for 4 years and I am finally feeling more settled. Moving is just a huge undertaking. My dh also started his own business shortly after we moved (and right after our 4th child was born) so I can understand some of what you're going through.

Also regarding the bookkeeping, I used to do it for my FIL. You have a lot on your plate right now. Thanks for your honesty and for sharing w/ us other Moms. I will keep you in my prayers my friend. (Sorry such a long comment.)