Friday, August 22, 2008

Money smarts

I'm off to the mall (again) today to continue what my daughters do not realize is a lifelong search for the perfect jeans, or as some of my Texas neighbors would call them, "Janes." (Yes, in my inventory of closets this week, I was not happy to realize ALL of them have outgrown theirs from last year. Ugh.)

In the meantime, here's a great post by my new friend Julie at 3cookieday. She has the cutest little girl, Emma, and wins points for getting her husband "K" to guest blog for her! (The only time Dennis has blogged here was when he hijacked it!).

"K" shares how his parents taught him how to manage money at a very young age in this post: Get Smart (With Money). It is truly inspiring! (You can read others' really great ideas in the comments section on my post here - thanks for sharing!).

We are still working out our allowance system here. Since I have savings accounts set up for the older three, I am going to do an automatic transfer every month. That way they don't have to be accusing me of "forgetting" or "delaying," as I've been so bad about doing in times past. We have roughly mapped out what each one should "need," and how much money they should save, etc. Will keep you posted.

So off I go. Although I am not a shopper, I am thankful I'm going with my girls for jeans this time, and not for swimsuits, which in my book, ranks somewhere around having a root canal without happy gas.


Susanne said...

Thankfully we found a wonderful store that has great jeans for a reasonable price. The bad thing is it's in the big city a couple hours from here so every summer on holidays we make sure we get there and stock up.

Angela S said...

Tomorrow, old navy, kids jeans $7, adult jeans $12, limit three per person. Give each of the kids enough for three pairs each and check out individually. Totally a sweet deal and we have always loved Old Navy. Oh, not available online.

Julie said...

Hope everything goes well with the allowances! I'm interested to see how the automatic transfers will work.

I was at Old Navy yesterday (like Angela said) and the jeans were flying off the shelves. It was crazy in there.

Queen to my 3 Boys said...

Ah...the perfect jeans. When I was in highschool, they used to be 'Hollywoods'. Made everyone's butts look dreamy.

After these three boys, not sure if anything will make my butt look dreamy again. Oh well, a girl can remember...*wink*

Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

Allowances? there's an idea!