Friday, October 31, 2008

Week wrap-up

Ruthie-4 has been prancing around the house all day long, dressed up as an angel, in anticipation of Small Town's Fall Festival tonight - followed by the football game. It's Friday, of course.
(And that's a pile of dirt I need to move to my flower bed which is not growing fast enough for my liking, but I'm learning patience.)

Annie-7 thinks she's going as a cowgirl. She does have a great pair of hand-me-down boots (which she says, "make any outfit look better!" Can you tell she's loving country life?). Unfortunately, there are REAL cowgirls around here. I'm not sure anyone around here would realize she was "dressed up," even if she did wear braids.

Libby-10 isn't sure what she's going to wear, since they're sure to have a bounce house and there will be a lot of running around. That, after all the work she put into making the only robot costume I've ever seen with a ponytail hole.Last Friday, as luck would have it, I got to drive a carload of teenagers to Another Small Town for a football game. I LOVE going to these games, because I get to drive on lonely country roads, see horses and cattle and resting corn fields and some incredible fall beauty. No traffic, unless you get behind a tractor. Nature (even if I can't hear the silence over all the giggling in the car) just makes me happy.

Although he said it was because he could not get off work early enough to go to the game, we all know Dennis was really wanting to take some girls here instead (yes, don't forget Annie-7 peeking out at the bottom - she is always getting cut off in group pictures!). I texted him from the football game and asked him to get a pic. I was hoping he'd be in it (smiling that frazzled little "how on earth did this happen" smile), but maybe his arms aren't long enough to get all four girls in (our three youngest plus a friend).

(And no, Ruthie's shirt is not dirty. I was horrified to realize she wore that shirt - size 3T that's been in her drawer as a pajama shirt - out in public. I had to photoshop the pic to cover her exposed belly. Ack!!)

You know your man's seen all the HSM's too many times when he offers critiques of the actors, calling them by their character names, as in, "Troy's acting leaves something to be desired, but overall it was a great movie." He wins Dad of the Year in my book, just for going. But I am a little biased.

I'm just anxious to see it because I do love a happy ending, and (since I have two left feet) I'm a sucker for really good choreography.

Other than that, I got my chore spec sheets put up. The big kids still have a hard time during the week getting things done before school (Neal-13 leaves the house at 6:45 on football mornings), so I am trying to be satisfied keeping living areas and kitchen neat (okay, at least some of the time. Note: I did not include laundry room in that list. Baby steps, right?), and not getting too stressed out about bedrooms. Life is awfully short, and as long as I can find the floor under there somewhere, I'm determined to be happy.

Thanks for all your emails telling me how your families are doing! I love hearing from others on this mothering/homemaking/contentment journey. We're all in this together - shall we all sing it from HSM together? I love doing things that make Allie-15 say, "Um. Not now, Mom."

Hope y'all have a great weekend!


Barbie @ Mamaology said...

We love HSM around here. The music is the best cleaning music around:).

And I am going to spend my next 30 or so min. looking over all your input on chores..... how I love your imput!

Thanks for taking the time to teach us less experienced Mama's out here! I really appreciate it!!!!

mholgate said...

I haven't gotten my chore sheets up yet. The kids were really curious over the weekend what I was working on though!

I'm going to rotate the chores for the bathroom, dining room, and living room. That way, no one can complain and say "I didn't make that mess." It's just their family contribution for the day.

I will also hang a copy of their daily check sheets for before school and before bed in both bedrooms. : )

Thanks for all your help! I love check lists!

Jamie said...

Now I'll have that song in my head all day...but it's true "We're all in this together" It is encouraging to hear from other moms on this journey of motherhood. I find it so helpful to hear what works and doesn't work from others.

Monica said...

I've never seen a robot costume with a ponytail space either. So cute!