Friday, October 17, 2008

You saw what??

This week is Homecoming Week. It's our first experience with homecoming (1) with a high schooler, and (2) in Small Town. Oh, the hype! I could not believe it when my ELEMENTARY aged child brought home an order form for mums!

All I can say is it's ALL TRUE what they say about Texas: Football is Definitely King.

The other night our Entire Town had a pep rally, celebrating the opening of our new athletic football stadium and paying homage to football teams and pep squads gone by. They especially highlighted the boys of 1937, the first team to play in the Old Stadium, which, as you might expect, has not changed a whole lot in seventy years. Although we enjoyed sitting in our new, aluminum stadium benches, we will miss the worn wooden planks and steel-pipe railings of the old one.

While I was gone to the pep rally with the Big Kids, Dennis kept the Littler Two home so they could get to bed at a decent time.

Over breakfast the next morning, Ruthie-4 gave me the low-down of their evening with Dad. Apparently, they had watched the Jesus film for children (with a bit of judicious muting and fast-forwarding toward the crucifixion scenes) before bedtime.

Ruthie scrunched her eyes together and folded her hands as she breathlessly described the evening. "I just LOVE that movie. There was this girl that was dead and God getted her alive."

(I guess Ruthie is following in her sister's footsteps with an amazing understanding of Jesus as God).

What followed was a mish-mash of movie snippets, like, "When God was praying, there was blood gushing on the rock," and, "They used really big nails."

I couldn't believe how "into it" she was, considering everyone in the movie speaks in English accents and uses "Thee's" and "Thou's." I was thinking how wonderful, how full of understanding, how mature (once you get past the gigantic lisp) she sounded!

It was then that she sighed resignedly and rolled her eyes a bit. "But then we saw God's underwear," she said in a hushed, just-between-you-and-me tone.

"You saw WHAT? I gasped. Lord have mercy, I thought. Are we talking about the same movie here?

"When they getted Him on the cross." Oh, thank the Lord He was wearing something, or who knows what Ruthie might be telling people about what she's watching at home!

"But I didn't really look at that," she continued.

Boy am I glad to hear that!

"I was just looking at God."

Well, regardless of my four-year-old's concept of ancient clothing, I'd say that's a pretty good idea, myself.


Jenny said...

God's underwear. Oh, I needed that laugh today.

Maureen said...

That was too cute! I am off to get my two teens ready for their Homecoming dance which is tonight. It is alot of fun watching them get all dressed up.

Wish I was getting dressed up for an evening out!


MarthaYvette said...

"God's underwear" how funny :) I love how you write how she talks "getted" just love that. Have a great weekend

Susanne said...

Lol. Oh that is too funny and wasn't she sweet about the whole thing. Love preschoolers perceptions.

Beck said...

His UNDERWEAR? Good golly!
I've always wondered - what IS a Homecoming Dance?

Enid said...

Hey Katherine....

Do you plans your week meals? Well maybe when they was more little and didn't have all the sport they do now, Im at lost..traying to figure this meal thing out
Thanks and Gace week to you

Julie said...

Thanks for the laugh. I enjoyed it!!!

Michelle @ Sew-Krafty said...

Oh, Jesus through the eyes of a child! Precious!!

Jen said...

that made my day...sweet little Ruthie.

Jen said...

one more thing..homecoming is really big around here too...more on football than basketball....i was the queen in 1992....

Andrea said...

Precious. You are a smart mama to preserve this here in blogland...... =)