Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hey, I'm Libby! (Guest Post)

Hi I'm Libby!

Today I have the honor of doing a "guest post" for my mom's blog Raising Five. Everyone who reads my mom's blog probably knows about all the craziness that goes on around here!

Today, we got pretty much all of the Christmas decorations out. Including the tree. Everything is scattered across the floor, I mean EVERYTHING! Then accidentally, I broke 2 ornaments by dropping one angel on them. Surprisingly, the angel didn't break:)

Decorating the Christmas tree was always something the whole family did together, until this year. Annie and Ruthie were pretty much the only ones who decorated.

Here's what everyone did:

Dad : Working on a candy cane stake that didn't work:
Mom : Helping Dad (Mom's note: "Helping," by definition, is sometimes knowing when NOT to help...After a disturbingly long struggle, we both agreed we should trash it and look for some other cheap yard decor).

Allie-15: Lying down on the couch (Mom's note: To her credit, Allie was awake. She didn't feel good, and was a good sport to cheer on our decorating efforts).

Neal-13 : On the computer (smart man).

Me : Watching everyone/ lying on the couch (Mom's note: not entirely true. Libby organizes all of us, including a "practice run" of Christmas morning, in which she located robes AND slippers (quite a feat around here!) for herself and the little girls):

Annie-7 : Decorating

Ruthie-4: Decorating (Mom's note: all of the little girls' "decorating" is at eye-level (for them) and down, and Ruthie specializes in loading up branches just inches above the floor, like this):

Okay, this was fun (maybe I should get a blog!)


P.S Libby is not my real name! And I'm learning how to crochet!(Mom's note: Just because this is MY blog and I think this is a great picture, I'm including it here. I love my Libby girl.)! And no, I'm not trying to be artsy by posting all black-and-white photos. "Someone" changed the setting on the camera. ACK!!


Julie said...

Thanks for the look into your lives Libby. I enjoyed it very much.


Jen @ Rolling Through Looneyville said...

Yay for a guest post! Libby, that was fun to read your perspective :)

Andrea said...

hi A.K.A. Libby!! =) great post!!!

Unknown said...

Good job! I wonder why decorations with lights work when they are packed away and don't work when they are unpacked? We have to go buy new lights every year! Most of them used only one season...

Lil red said...

Hey Libby,
I love your monkey slippers! I totally think you should get a blog. They are awesome. You can check mine out at

P.S. Don't get to creeped out by my comment. My mom grew up with your mom in small town called NG. :P

Janice said...

Just spent several minutes catching up on your world via blog posts. Thoroughly enjoyed my time!

Have a great Christmas season!

Lori said...

What cute pictures!! Loved the commentary Libby.

Rachel Anne said...

Libby, I thoroughly enjoyed your post! You are such a good writer!! It was fun to see your decorating adventure through your eyes. You are a very, very special girl......I hope you know how much I love you! I'm so proud of you!

Aunt Rachel

Jamie said...

Libby, I loved reading your post! My teen daughter does guest posts on my blog on occassion too. She thinks it is fun to do.

I enjoyed seeing things from your perspective. Ask your mom if you can do a guest post again sometime...I'd love to read it.

Becca~CapturingSimpleJoys said...

Good post Libby, you're a talented writer like your Mom.