Monday, February 16, 2009

And the winners are...

Hi Ladies,

This is Rachel Anne, Katherine's sister. I'm posting for Katherine today because she is still out of town on her weekend getaway, and she asked if I could fill in for her and do the honor of drawing the winners of the contest.

Side Note: You know, it's VERY DANGEROUS to let a sister get into your blog and freely post away. Why, I could tell you some embarrassing stories! Let's see....has she ever told you about the time she was swinging from the bathroom doors in kindergarten and.......naaaah. I don't have any REAL embarrassing stories to share. Katherine is just as nice, and just as real, in person as she is on her blog. She is my very best friend and it's an honor to be her sister. But has she ever told you about how when we were teenagers, we used to make homemade complexion masks out of cucumbers and tomatoes? We looked like like our necks had thrown up, with all that goo smeared on us. Fortunately, the complexion masks worked wonders and we became beauty pageant queens and never had another moment of teenage angst.

OK, now back to the reason I'm here. Wow! You have some amazing ideas and now I see why Katherine wanted someone else to pick the winners. On her behalf, I thank you SO MUCH for passing on all the awesome things you do with your families around the kitchen or mealtimes! I have been inspired by your incredible ideas! I can tell you had fun with this.

There is absolutely no possible way that I can take the pressure of picking the BEST idea because they are all really special. Please don't kill me. I am going to solve this by doing a random drawing of two names. (Remember, the Rice Krispies folks may choose one of your ideas to use in its new ad campaign. Have you seen the new commercials yet?).

So here we go:

1. Charlotte, at 60toes

2. Chris, Katherine's email friend

If you would kindly email Katherine, She will make arrangements to get your prize to you!

My sister will be back Wednesday! Thanks for letting me crash the RaisingFive party over here!

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