Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My, my, my, how times have changed!

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Okay, just a quick post - trying to get out of here. Today I've been putting together all the things the grandparents might need while they take care of our kids for a few days. I started putting together a packet with our will, medical release forms, our itinerary, etc.

About halfway through, I realized I'd put together a document like that before - something with emergency numbers, kids' schedules, and their general routine from trips we've taken in the past. Why reinvent the wheel? I thought, because I'm just so smart like that. I'll just edit the old one! I started looking through files on my computer.

Well....obviously we do not get away enough, because the only one I could find was one from when Dennis and I took another trip, and my parents stayed with the kids.

Here's the first page:

Baby Annie's Day

(Give or take!)

6:00 Up, bottle, breakfast
9:00 Nap
11:30 Up, bottle, lunch
2:30 Nap
4:00 Up, bottle, dinner
7:00-7:30 Bottle, bedtime (change to footie
Then I looked at the date: 2002!! Annie (now 7) was nine months old! So much for editing the old one!

My, my, MY, how things have changed (and yes, Dennis and I have gotten away together since 2002, but not nearly enough!!)!

At least this time around I won't have to insult my mother-in-law's intelligence by telling her how to buckle the carseat. My baby can buckle her own little five-year-old self in all by herself. No, instead, I'm writing down stuff like, "NO riding with teenage drivers," and "Phones off at 10 p.m." ACK!


SO....just in case you are like I was a few years ago: you are reading this thinking you will NEVER get your babies to sleep through the night, get your toddlers out of diapers, or get your first grader to read chapter books, here's a picture taken around that trip:

It seems like yesterday (and weren't they just SO DARN CUTE at 8, 7, 4 and 9 months?). Baby Annie is almost as old NOW as Allie was in that photo (and how rockin' it is to have tweens and teens for a brother and sisters!).

Oh, yes, and I almost forgot....maybe you are thinking you would NEVER have five kids.

So did I.


Susanne said...

What a great pic! They've grown so much!

kittyhox said...

I thought of you last weekend when my mother and I noticed a nice family at Zoopa's, getting ready to sit down with their salads. They looked like they'd just come from church (it was Sunday) and their children all looked... like siblings. You know what I mean? I love that. Anyhoo, I thought, "My goodness, that is a lot of children," and did the mental count. Five. So that's what it looks like in person. It's actually pretty rare here is Seattle. Anyway, I thought it was a beautifully sized family and it made me think of you and yours. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my!!! I'm so happy you let anonymous posters now!! I've always wanted to leave a message but I don't have a blog, and all my messenger accts have my real name lol.

Now I forgot what I was going to post. But I LOVE your blog. Long time reader here!

Beck said...

I can't believe I've been so bad about commenting lately. And I can't believe how fast time goes as a mother, either.

I don't think that I'll end up a mother of five, although I think I'd like to be one. Sigh!

Henley on the Horn said...

I love it. That is precious. I keep lists like that when we go out of town and I save them for their baby books so they can see what their little lives were like!! I am glad you aren't leaving instructions for Annie to have a bottle!! too funny. I hope you are going somewhere fabulous! RELAX and have fun & enjoy your hubby!

mholgate said...

Yep...we're at four years since a gettaway here. Last time was when my 4th child was 6 months old. We just keep saying that we'll get away when the kids are older and we can pon them off on grandparents!

Hope you're having a great time!