Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Clearing pics off my phone and other posts that will never get written

I have so many things I'd like to write about, but LIFE JUST GETS IN THE WAY OF MY BLOGGING.

I used to keep a little running list of topics, which are SO DEEP I really will never have time to philosophize them (yeah, right). But hey, who needs lists when you can take pictures?

Like this one, in Target. Allie-15 was needing leg warmers for an 80s costume. I could write volumes about (a) how OLD that makes me feel (is this what our parents felt when we watched Happy Days?); and (b) how I spent the skinniest years of my life hidden under Big Hair and Shoulder Pads.

I tell you.
Or this one. How, I wonder, do we eat this much food, each and every week? Is it any wonder that I want a nap when I get home from grocery shopping? But do I get one? NO! ARGGH.I'm sure I could think of something to say about this random moment in time.
Or this one.
I'm always on the lookout for good landscaping ideas. Look at that shrub rose!
This is a toothbrush. ATTENTION CRAFTY PEOPLE: My orthodontist will give me a $100 gift certificate for tooth whitening if I can win the "toothbrush art" contest. I will gladly pass it on to you if you can give me an incredible idea for melting and molding a toothbrush (pipe cleaners optional) into something that DOESN'T look like a toothbrush.
I could also write several chapters on "Give me the phone. NOW." conversations.

Or about how airlines call this a meal?
Or on little girl friendships and how we need to Let It Go when seven-year-olds think they know what matches.
Or how this is my home-away-from-home.

Instead, I'm heading off to Do Life today. How about you?


mholgate said...

I laughed out loud about the groceries! I already fill the back of my minivan every week. I have been wondering what it will look like when my kids are older! : )

Makila said...

Great post. The randomness is so me! Thanks so much for sharing!

Susanne said...

LOL. I loved this. I usually just have a bunch of pics of the kids making goofy faces. Your grocery car looks like mine!

Andrea said...

cute. i love when my kids take pics.

Maureen said...

How funny! I have those same kind of pics too! Love the give me the phone now pic! Loved this post


Anonymous said...


You are great. Thanks for keeping it real. I'm doing life today, too. Poopy bums A-WAAAAAAAY!

Love ya,