Sunday, March 08, 2009

Send Allie to Africa!!

Hey, everyone! You probably know me as Allie on my mom's blog. I am 15 years old (almost 16!), and a freshman in high school.

I have been blessed with an awesome life: I have parents who love me and have brought me up to know Jesus Christ. I live in a comfortable house, I have food on my plate, and cute clothes for all sorts of weather :)

This summer I have been given an amazing opportunity to help children whose lives are very different from mine. This July, I am going with a small team to work with AIDS orphans in South Africa!

Our group, World In View, partners with Masoyi Home Based Care and Hands At Work in Africa. We will work in a community called Masoyi. This is a large settlement of about 250,000. Approximately 40% of the people living in Masoyi are infected with the AIDS virus. (Here is more info on AIDS in Africa.)

Some of the children in Masoyi are cared for in Community Care Centers. Many teenagers - some even younger than me - live in make-shift huts and have to take care of their younger siblings, because their parents have died of AIDS.

During our time in Masoyi, our team will be sharing Christ’s love with these kids by working with community volunteers like this one. We’ll work in vegetable gardens which help supply food to over 4,000 orphans (my mom is jealous about that part), make home visits to the sick, work on building projects, and (what I am most excited about!) we’ll get to play with the kids!

I gotta admit, I am pretty nervous about going on this trip! I've never been out of state without my family, let alone a different country. I’m sure I will see some things that will change my life and break my heart. I'm nervous I won't know what to do or say-and my Mom thinks that it will be good for me to have a little break from my cell phone *cough* :) But...I'm also SO excited to get to see life from a different perspective - I'm already looking at the things most teenagers say they "can't live without" (malls, clothes, cell phones, etc.) differently (okay Mom, you can pick yourself up off the floor now!)!

I want to be a part of making a difference in Africa and the lives of the children that live there! I'm just one teenager, but I believe God can do big things if we are just willing to go. That's why I'm humbly asking you to consider helping me share Jesus with children on the other side of the world!

Here’s how you can help me:

Pray. This is the most important thing! I would love for you to pray for our safety, and that lots of little hearts would know Jesus’ love, even if it’s just in one small way, through what we do in Masoyi.

Donate. My parents and I are planning on covering as much of the trip expenses as we can (can you say SERIOUS BABYSITTING?), but any amount (nickels? dimes?) you can donate is appreciated!

AND, if you click this button, your gift will be tax deductible!

I can't wait to share more as we get closer to the trip. Thanks for your love, prayers and support!


*MOM edited to add this*

Checks can be made to: World In View, PO Box 9541, New Haven, CT 06535. Leave the memo line blank, but put in a note or sticky note to indicate Allie/Raising Five (IRS can't give a tax deduction if an individual's name is anywhere on the check itself).

PS-Okay, and just in case you are like me and need to "see" what's going on in Masoyi to believe it, here's some videos for you:


Jamie said...

What an amazing opportunity! I must admit, I'm a tad jealous...a mission trip to Africa is definitely on my heart! I can't wait to hear about it! I'll be praying for sure!

Annie said...

I do pray that you will be used in amazing ways for God's glory. Our school has a missions trip this August to Nicaragua so I understand the need for fundraising, I'm wishing you the best of luck and feel priviledged to help you.

Anonymous said...

That is very cool. If you get a chance, I recommend a great book on the topic - We Are All the Same by Jim Wooten (actually takes place in S. Africa) It is short and very captivating. OUr church started partnering with World Vision in Ethiopia and I wanted to understand more about it. I think this will be an awesome experience for you.

Enid said...

Hey something your mom can do for you is, doing a Tea Spring at your homes with people you know! My church is sending one to africa and this last sunday the pastor wife did that for this girl, she was dresse up and was greeting everyone at the door, we drink tea and lost of goodies to eat that the womans ministry team privided. THen we have jars here and there for gifts. Blessings to you in this calling!

Home Sown Gardens LLC said...

Allie, you are an amazing girl! I can only hope my girls aspire to be a fraction of the cool person you are.

You are going to do wonderful things on this trip, that affect both the world and large and you to the core.

Best wishes and safe keeping!

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Allie, I am so excited for you as you get ready for your trip. I cannot donate now, but you, your group and the children you will meet will be in my prayers. My heart aches for the children in Africa. Thank you for going.

Anonymous said...

Be blessed "Allie". Being away from home will seem daunting, and it'll be ok to miss home. But take a picture of you family w/you, and tuck it under you pillow.

I truly believe you will be having the time of your life, and might not even think of missing your family, but wishing they were with you to experience it w/you.

I have a friend going to Zambia at the end of this month. take LOTS of pictures, and label them, in 15 yrs, you might not exactly remember where you were or what you were doing, specifically if you are sight-seeing one day.

Ginger said...

Allie, I don't even know you apart from your Mom's blog - but you gave me goosebumps when you shared your enthusiasm and vulnerability about your apprehensions. I pray that God will use this amazing opportunity to conform you into the beautiful woman of God that he has created you to be! Please keep us posted on specific prayer requests!