Monday, March 23, 2009

Spring break recap

We had quiet, relaxing spring break. No big events. Just hanging out with people I love.

Dennis had a break from his lunch-making duties, which, as you can see, he takes quite seriously.
Started off the week right, with sundaes.
We had gorgeous weather. Lots of sleepovers.
We got to visit with my parents. My mom generously shared from her selection of irises and day lilies, which I divided and put all over my yard. Unlike my tomatoes, which I apparently do not have a green thumb to grow...irises are one of my favorite plants because they can take all kinds of abuse and neglect, and they come back, year after year. And, as if to punctuate the fact that it's not about my great skill, they multiply. My kind of gardening - free!

The girls got to practice their massage skills on a reluctant patient.
One day Dennis and I took the Whole Fam to meet up with some friends we went to school with (a lifetime ago, it seems) and hadn't seen in years.

I'm always amazed at how God leads us all to take different steps...

...which (you don't realize at the time) lead down different paths...

...which (upon looking back) lead to completely different lives.

And yet...we are all serving Christ, each in our own spheres and with our own unique talents. That common bond transcends time and space and circumstances and makes for friendships that are counted in decades. It's beautiful.

And speaking of transcending time and space and circumstances, on Wednesday, my sister Rachel Anne and I got to meet Lori from Lori's Reflections (Christian Women Online and Laced with Grace - she's a little busy) and Shanna from She's So There. TOO INCREDIBLY FUN!!! I love how blogging has given me heart-kind of friends I never would have otherwise had the chance to meet. We talked and laughed and shared until it was way too late, and it made me think of so many of you I hope to meet some day!Okay, and my inbox is full of emails - sorry I did not check it much last week. I've had questions about having The Talk with preteens, about dealing with exhaustion, about dividing time between young ones and old ones...too many things to talk about!

It's going to be a great week!


Lori said...

I miss you already =(

Laurel said...

Wanted to let you know that I just wrote a post with a link to your blog.


mama of 13

Anonymous said...

the sandwiches look yummy. we're headed for a free birthday sundae this week. we're back to the gloominess. =( can't wait for sleepovers! my daughter is only 2 right now. i'll have to try out irises...i don't have a green thumb either, but my dad plants the veggies in our yard for us, and i just water them, and they seem to do okay...i think the land is just fertile. i can't take credit. sometimes i even forget to water. i don't mind being a massage patient. =p i know what you mean about where life takes us...i find that i've grown to be a different person than my friends, yet we're still friends. glad you enjoyed spring break.

Jen said...

Looking forward to any talks about splitting time between old and young...your spring break looks great...ours is in 2 weeks and looking forward to it!

Susanne said...

Sounds like a great week! I can't believe the kids are out in swimsuits spraying each other down with the hose. I'm sitting here looking out the window at the snow leftover from the winter storm dump we had Sunday with more snow forecast for tomorrow. And this after two days of wonderful warm 60*F weather. Sigh.

I've never tried irises. Maybe I'll have to try them out. Around my house the plant motto is "Survival of the fittest", so they might be the way to go!

Jamie said...

Sounds like an absolutely wonderful week!