Monday, March 16, 2009

Strike a chord and take a break

Oh, how I've enjoyed reading all your comments about the "veteran mom." Somehow I suspected you with the 12-and-under crowd were well-represented among my blog-friends!

Yes, the fatigue is real, but so is the joy. Choosing to focus on that is what gets us through. That, and naps, of course.

I suppose I should write a post about my day as a mom of preschoolers to teens, which would have an entire paragraph like this:

Can I drive? Can you take me to baseball? Can you pick me up from soccer? Can we get to school a little early today? I have to take a test. Can we pick up Sarah on the way to church? She needs a ride, and I bet she'd like to eat with us. What are we having for dinner? Spaghetti again? No, no, I don't want to cook dinner. Spaghetti's fine. I just LOVE spaghetti. Have you seen my basketball uniform? Can I borrow your shave cream? Can I borrow your razor? Can I borrow your hair spray? Mom, look at my muscles. Can you help me with this algebra problem? Oh, Mom, you remember...don't you? Can Sarah spend the night? Can you bake 5 million cookies for the bake sale...tomorrow? Do we have any other kinds of cereal besides the healthy stuff? Do I need to have shoes on, or can I just stay in the car? I can't wait till I get my license so I can drive myself places.

Me too, sister.

As you can see, the feeling of being homebound - which was the hardest part for me when none of my kids could stay home alone, but which I preferred most of the time over packing them ALL up, just to pick up bananas at the grocery store - is no longer an issue! Oh, how I LONG to be home more!

This is going to be a great week! It's spring break, the kids are home (of course, wanting me to take them places!!).

AND...I'm very excited that I get to meet Shanna from She's So There and Lori from Lori's Reflections. Shanna has been such an encouragement to me in the last year year, and Lori and I go back to 2006, when we both discovered this crazy blog world (she has three boys, so I'm hoping to do some marriage arranging). They are both going to be within a reasonable driving distance of Small Town, so Rachel Anne and I are going to meet up with them for dinner. This will only be the second time since the Blogger Get-together of 2006 that I've met blog friends in real life. Is this awesome or what???

Next week, I'd like to talk more about the veteran mom, and maybe get some of you who are ahead of ME to help me out. I KNOW you're dying to share your secrets.

Meantime, I'm going to enjoy my family and REST. I hope you will, too!

See you next week!


Lori said...

Katherine, I can not wait. Was packing yesterday and tossed and turned last night because I am so excited.

See you Wed. night!!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Hye mama! I am also taking your advice this week to "live first, blog later" by taking spring break week off. Thanks for your continued leadership in our community - always reminding us of that which is really important!

Mommahen said...

I am SOO jealous of Lori and Shanna! I hope you all have a blessed time of fellowship and renewing.

And I can so relate to the preschoolers to teens post. Well, not preschoolers but still small enough to need me a lot (13, 10, and 6). I'm no longer a stay at home mom. I'm an always-driving mom! I try not to complain because I don't know what I will do when they are all off on their own. But it does wear you down. I feel like my house is never clean during sports seasons--not to mention we are grabbing clean clothes out of laundry baskets as opposed to drawers--if there's any clean clothes at all. And while I am not a pro at keeping house it still puts me in a fowl mood to have it out of sorts. It's a vicious cycle I tell you. But one I forget when I'm at the tennis courts and see my oldest kneel to pray before the final point, or my middle child score his first goal after 5 years of playing soccer. The memories alone make me smile. I am blessed in deed. Enjoy your break!

mholgate said...'s going to be so fun when I have a 17, 16, 15, 14, and 12 year old! Good thing I've got plenty of years to prepare for it!

Have a great spring break, and an incredible time with Lori and Shanna! Give Shanna a big hug from me because she encourages me too! :)


Anonymous said...

Between reading the two posts, all I can come up with to say is that some of the people I work with are an awful lot like preschoolers...

No, I'm kidding. It sounds like a busy life, but I'll bet you wouldn't have it any other way =)

Laurel said...

Hi Katherine,

I just found your blog, and look forward to reading more.

I am a serious "veteran mama" with 6 young adult children ... but I am still "in the trenches" with the young mamas, homeschooling my youngest 7. And, the youngest two are in 1st grade, so I've got a lot of mothering years ahead of me.


mama of 13