Wednesday, April 08, 2009

$50 Landscape and garden update

We finally had a warm enough day for me to get out in the yard and start the next leg on our EVER SO SLOWLY progressing landscape. Here's what it looked like when we moved in last year.
Main thing I want to accomplish this year is completing the foundation plants along right side house, and bring out a small bed in front of the entry to make it seem more welcoming. Since we are in austerity mode right now, I used utmost self-control and drove past the stone yard that has these incredible landscape stones that would beg me to part with my almost-non-existent landscaping budget. I feel so prudent, choosing instead to use some things we already had!

When we had new, larger windows put in, all those bricks got thrown in a pile in the back yard. So I took them, laid them in a pattern, and formed a bed. Eventually I will move these bricks around to the side of the house and replace them with natural stone, so I did not even lay them in sand.

You are supposed to cut the sod, yada yada yada to make them stay in place, but my experience is that stones and bricks tend to invite kids to walk on them, and they will sink some on their own. This does the trick for now. Here's looking out my front door (I put some stepping stones in with the broken bricks because I KNOW MY FAMILY. They will always want a shortcut!).

All that just to plant FOUR little Indian Hawthorn (and to keep my total cost including mulch to $30). Ack!

Here's the part of the plan I'm working from. Next will be three Knockout Roses, some Carissa holly, and nandina. All in $50 bits...I'm being so good, aren't I??
Here's how it's coming along, from the front of the house. And don't you just love the country definition of "grass." Back in the city we'd call that weeds. But somehow it fits here.
Meanwhile, my fig tree is going crazy!

And my peaches appear to have made it through the freeze last weekend!
My vegetable garden is not nearly as exciting. I have lots of weeds, ugh. And I lost several plants to the freeze. But the snow peas are doing great. Aren't those little tendrils so cute?!
And here my spinach is coming up with the carrots. I used my first cilantro to make salsa yesterday, and I have little lettuces growing with my itty-bitty beets. I feel so Mr. MacGregor-ish!!

So how are your gardens coming along?


Les & Sweetie Berry said...

I am so excited to see your yard! I am so lost in our own new back yard, please email me your physical address so that I can mail the books we discussed for you, I forgot to ask while we were in Texas!

Maureen said...

It looks great, very inspirational. I am not big on yard work but my husband is rarely home and when he is the last thing he wants to do is landscaping! The other issue is always always money. I really like your idea of $50 landscaping. I know I can come up with $50 here or there just by cutting back on things or being extra frugal. You have given me hope. Oh and by the way here in Florida with the drought we have, our "grass" is more like weeds and dirt right now too.

Happy Easter,

Hannah said...

Hi, my name is Hannah. I'm 23, been married almost 2 years (May 20, yay!) and I love your blog. Though my husband and I don't have kids (...yet...) we want to have a few and your blog is an inspiration to bring me some insight of what it'll be like once I'm a God-fearing, grocery-hopping, mom of many.
About your garden and weeds... have you heard of Square Foot Gardening? ( He tells you how to stagger growth so you have a continuous crop throughout the year, how to compost, how to garden WITHOUT WEEDS (I know, sounds impossible!) and how to build your garden on a minimal budget (preferably for free). Anyways, I'm not a spokesperson for this company (though I'm sure I sound like it :D) I just know his ideas really work. Anyways, just thought I'd pass the good news. :D Keep on posting! We love it!

Jenn @ Knee-Deep in Munchkin Land said...

Katherine, do you want to come up to my house and help me with my landscaping?! I'm hopeless, completely hopeless!!

I love your vision, I think it's going to look amazing when you're all done.

Ginger said...

What??? You begin a project with the end in mind? Rather than just haphazardly throwing plants (that begged to go home with you from the plant store because they were so stinkin' cute) here and there? What a concept! :)

And you are AMAZING to practice such self-control. Way to go!

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