Thursday, April 02, 2009

Allie's Africa trip - thank you!

I wanted to let you know I just received a report from PayPal for tax-deductible donations made toward Allie's Africa trip.

We are so humbled and appreciative of each gift. Thanks to you, we have a good start toward her trip expenses. Without help, she would truly not be able to go. You do not know how much this means to us!

Allie would like to send a thank you to each of you, but I do not have emails for some of you, and the report did not give any details.

If you sent a gift, would you mind emailing me? If you feel comfortable sending me your snail mail address, Allie will mail you a thank you. If not, she can at least send one by email.




Rachel said...

I'm so glad you posted today. I had forgotten to send a donation...I can now check that off my list. If you would like to send me an email I will send Allie our snail mail address. I'm so excited for her, except the whole getting updated shots. I can totally go without that part.

Lois said...

My grandson was going to Romania for two months to help coach a soccer camp. I wanted to help him raise the money so I passed out a flyer to my Sunday School class and said if anyone wanted to get rid of "junk" but didn't want to have a garage sale, that I was having one to help Justin go to friends donated stuff and we made 2500.00 on that garage sale....almost all that he needed....he also had a garage sale...not nearly as large, BUT it gave him enough money to do quite a bit of humanitarian stuff.
I enjoy reading your blog!

John said...

Came across this blog by chance.

It reminded me of a guy that I worked with in the UK (back in 1988). He was in the South African army and was sent into a township to stop disturbances.

They were sent into the townships in the back of an open truck with shot guns and opened fire.

He didn't know what he was doing and heard later that several people (black) were killed, men, woman and children. He felt that he may have killed as well. When I met him he was an empty shell.

What a great world it would be without politics.

May Allie do well in Africa and may her God go with her.

saucymomma said...

I continue to love Raising Five and your entire family. Thanks for being such an inspiration. Kudos to Allie. I just sent a little something via paypal. Africa is very much on our heart as we recently had young children stay with us. You can read about it here:
Praise God for using Allie to further His kingdom! I can't wait to hear more.