Friday, April 03, 2009

Do as

Whatever you have learned or received or heard from me, or seen in me—put it into practice.

Philippians 4:9, NIV
I had a nice birthday lunch yesterday with my sister, Rachel Anne. We always talk way too long (Ruthie-5 began walking up and down the aisles of the now-empty-of-the-lunch-crowd restaurant and that's when we realized we'd been there for two hours!). ACK!!

I love having someone who is with me on the journey, but also a little ahead. Besides re-landscaping her front yard on scraps of notebook paper, we were talking about how it just seems like there aren't enough hours in the day. How we'd like to be doing Bible studies with each of the kids - apologetics, Bible memory, consistent family devotions. Cramming in as many experiences and as much information as we possibly can in the years we have left before the kids leave home. Good things to shoot for.

We try, but it just doesn't always happen. Rachel's words were, "We didn't do a good job of all that with the girls [now in college]."

But take one look at her kids, and you know that's just not true.

Somehow, in spite of so-called "failings," the kids got the message: She's got adult children who - when they left home and nobody was there telling them to go to church or youth group - have chosen to continue a life as devoted Christ-followers. One who is pursuing a life in ministry; another who is happily married and wanting to follow a biblical pattern of marriage and family.

All of whom have a loving relationship with their parents.

My guess is that (as our parents did with us), they were so busy "living it," that they didn't have to say much. It worked.

I left lunch inspired and encouraged. Yes, to do some things with our kids. This weekend I am taking Neal-14 and Allie-15 to a youth conference that I pray will deeply impact them.

But even more importantly, every now and then it's just good to be reminded: It's not so much about saying or doing everything "right," as it is about who we are.

Our kids are watching. May we live to reflect Christ.

Rachel doesn't talk much about her family on her blog, but here is one of my favorite posts that STILL inspires me: Fearless Parenting

And one I wrote about how our parents raised us, that still serves to remind us how we want to raise our own: Shelter is Not a Place

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Rachel Anne said...

You made me cry, darn it all. Thank you for your sweet words, I needed to hear that today. Yes, I do feel like I failed in so many areas, particularly in the kids' spiritual lives (WHAT family devotions?), and to be reminded to just keep walking the walk makes all the difference to me today.

Lunch was so great, 2 hours wasn't nearly enough!! Ruthie was such a patient girl while we yakked.

I'll be praying for you this weekend!