Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Update on work and home

I worked a bunch last week - for me, anyway. Thirty-seven hours, including my first twelve-hour night shift in almost a decade.

I had a lot of fun (minus the mind-numbing part at about 4:00 a.m. in which I lose the ability to put together a sentence that makes sense). I love the families I get to work with, and I'm getting the ol' confidence back more with each day. But for someone who's been out of the [PAID] workforce a VERY long time (whose family has almost doubled in size, and whose activities have exploded exponentially in that time), it puts a whole new meaning on the word "fatigue!"

My training is over, though, so from here on out, I should just be doing my little Monday gig.

We are not very organized (apparently), so we had some kinks. Dennis was totally awesome - running carpool for me on the days I worked, cooking - even doing laundry when I slept off my night shift Saturday (I use the term "slept" loosely. Can anyone really sleep when there are six people awake on the other side of my door?). No matter how hard we planned, something went wrong every.single.day I worked. Forgotten papers, lost shin guards/jerseys/shoes. Overlooked items on the calendar (oops!).

However...on the whole, I think it was good for my family to pull itself up by the bootstraps and see what they could do without Mom there to rescue them for a while.

What a revelation!

...rooms can get cleaned!
...rides can be obtained!
...items can be found (or done without)!
...meals can be cooked!


I LOVE being at home, and I love serving my family, but I do believe there are things my kids CAN do that I have (by default) been doing for them "because I'm home." It's been a good exercise to have to ask them to chip in - not just because it's good for them, but because I NEED HELP! I hate to say that maybe they took me for granted sometimes, but, well, they took me for granted sometimes.

(I also realized how much I took Dennis for granted - not realizing how exhausting it is to be gone and suddenly be attacked by children, activities, needs, etc. And how much it means to a tired soul when someone actually cooks dinner!)

So all that to say, I've missed you all! The hardest part of all this is having NO INTERNET ACCESS at work!! But I hope to get back into things here in blogland in the next few days.

What have I missed?


E. Tyler Rowan said...

We missed you, too! :)

Sarah @ BecomingSarah.com said...

Ugh, 4am. Ugh. I think my brain cried a little just reading that.

Debbie said...

No wonder you are feeling so fatigued girlfriend. I hope you are able to get some much needed rest and that God will also give you His rest. It sounds like everyone is adjusting.

I will keep you in prayer with your new gig. I've "missed" you!

Sweetie said...

I have missed you terribly but have kept you near to my heart as I have kept you in my prayers constantly! I haven't mailed your books but I have them ready to, does that count???
I will be back in Dallas for the Thelma Wells thing in May 22-23, wish I could poof all of you there for the weekend to play! How is the fundraising going for Missions?

Lori said...

So glad things are working themselves out, like you said I think this is great for both you and your family! Missing you girl.

Anonymous said...

Katherine - wow!

I agree with the other ladies - no wonder you are tired!

Your words meant so much to me today - reminding me to have my crew here help out more. It's good for both me and them!

Hoping you can catch up now on rest.
Chris in Canada

Mommahen said...

Ok apparently you missed my previous comment. I looked and it's like--totally gone(Best valley girl voice here).

I said last time..."That my life is crazy busy-becuase it is full of purpose and meaning" I LOVE that! Do you mind if I use it? Sometimes it is easy to wallow and forget that searching under beds for socks, and picking towels up does have meaning.

And the Lord has dealt with me about attacking my guy with problems THE SECOND he walks in the door. I want him to feel glad he came home, not remorseful!

Glad the training's over. We've missed you too.

Keri said...

Wow, I'm exhausted just reading this post! :-) I'm so glad for you that Dennis is the kind of husband who will pick up where you leave off. (I have one of those, too, and I wish every mom had one like that!) And as a (former) kid who had a wonderful mom who did EVERYTHING for us well into our teens, I'll tell you that you're doing your kids a favor by letting them see how much you do. They need to know so that they can appreciate you AND so that they can begin to do a little more for themselves.

Hope this week -- and following -- are less exhausting for you! :-)

Susanne said...

Have missed you here in blogland but hoo boy, 4 a.m.? I would totally not be up to blogging nothin' either.