Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Garage sale-itis

Thanks for all your tips and encouragement for our garage sale. My mom is here this week and we are making headway on the pile(s) in the garage. We also have a trailer full of donated stuff like bunk beds, bikes, a grill. And then there's the crib that cradled ALL FIVE of my babies, and the rest of the baby stuff I've been clinging to sentimentally for the past five years, including those itty-bitty newborn onesies. I had to wash them one last time to get the spit-up stains off (again) - just for old time's sake. I am just a mess.

Today I caught Mom washing the old, grungy knobs I took off my kitchen cabinets when we did our lick-and-a-promise remodel. She is carefully matching each knob to a screw and putting them in individual bags. To think I almost threw them away and missed out on a nice sale! Mom, I love you!

Dennis has become rabid in his pursuit of all marketing outlets for the greater-Small Town area, hitting all the newspapers, flyers and online lists in the county. My only request was to be sure all the ads said, "8 to 2," and "NO EARLY BIRDS" because, well, I think we will have enough of a hard time hauling our bods out of bed - if we even get to bed that night, and I know clean-up takes twice as long as set up.

Dennis takes things like this seriously, so in addition to purchasing garage sale signs to plaster on virtually every corner in Small Town (it sounds like more than it is), he bought a roll of POLICE CAUTION TAPE.

Yup, that's my man. People will wonder if it's a yard sale or a crime scene. Whatever works.

Everything seemed to be going fine until we read this week's edition of the paper (no, we don't have enough news around here for a daily), in which I was horrified to read that our sale will be starting at 7 a.m.

We are gonna die.
In other news, Ruthie-5 got ahold of the camera again.
And I leave you with a quote from Libby-11.

Last night she was sitting with me on the sofa, eyes closed, barely able to keep her head up. I was telling her it was time to go to bed. She yawned and said, "I'm not tired. I'm just worn out."


Makila said...

Wow! I've done one garage sale when I was pregnant with my first. I vowed never to do it again. :) Can't wait to see how it turns out! :)

Peapod Four said...

7 AM ~ I'm so, so sorry!!

A few years back I helped a friend with a yard sale that was neighborhood wide. I think it started at 8, but we had people there before the sun came up with FLASHLIGHTS, looking in the truck to see what we'd be unloading!! I'm not kidding! As shocked as we were, it didn't matter in the end, because we raised a lot of money for our friends who were missionaries in Brazil at the time.

Susanne said...

7 A.M! Oi! My sympathies! Maybe you'll sell everything by 9?!

One of the hardest things I ever did was selling all my kids baby clothes. But I'm living testimony it can be done! :v)

Jenn said...

What day is your sale? It starts at 7am but do you have a pre-sale viewing for old friends who would come that far for such a great cause? I would love to see you, the kids and you know I have always loved your stuff! lol

Miss you SO MUCH! Call or email me and let me know so I can make a "field trip" to your sale.

Jamie said...

7am - Ouch! That is early! Looks like you are going to have a whopper of a sale though. Wish I was closer...I'd buy that high chair:)

Hoping you raise lots of funds for that Africa trip!!!

Parenting makes you Crazy said...

I always wanted three kids - settled for two when I found out how tough it is to be a parent. i will pray for you - 5 kids Wow !!!

Ginger said...

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! I'll pray for God's supernatural strength for you, and some great funds raised for a great cause!

Anonymous said...

I'm always amazed too at how much we get rid of every time we move. Never have been organized enough for a garage sale though. I did try selling to consignment shops recently so that's new for me. I haven't caught up to where the $ makes up for all the work yet though...

Hope the garage sale goes/went really well!!

Debbie said...

I must say I'm right there with Libby, "I'm not tired, just worn out!" I hear ya, girl! My 11 yr old would probably say the same thing.