Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday update

1. We did it! We had our garage sale on Saturday. My first, and possibly my last. With all our donations from church and friends, we had TWELVE banquet tables (plus bunk beds, beds, dressers and other large items) full of junk cool stuff. Oh, my achin' bod. But we are almost to our goal for Allie-15's Africa trip. YEA!

The only things that didn't sell? My crib, and a rocking chair. Yup. All that mourning, just to put them back in the attic. Sigh. I guess they were meant to be given away or loaned out. Again.

2. In a moment of unusually bad judgment, I agreed to work a 12-hour night shift immediately after the garage sale. Mercy, you have never seen the nods such as I had. Never again.

3. Yesterday was our 24th wedding anniversary. Man, I love that guy more every day. Can't imagine 'doing life' with anyone else. When we got married we used to dream about what our family was going to be like when we had a houseful of kids. It's pretty amazing when you realize it's much noisier in real life.

4. Everybody here is grumpy. I have an excuse because I am just TIRED (*see #2 above), but what is everybody else's deal? (Could it be that THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF SCHOOL? Naw.) Motivating this crew under such extreme circumstances is a bit like handing me two baskets of unmatched socks and saying, "Have at it." Um, yeah.

5. My squash (planted in a hurry on a whim) is coming in by the bushel. I pick six, and the next day there are twelve more to replace them. Gracious, I still haven't canned all my peaches yet! What to do with such plenty? (This, in spite of having to take - I kid you not - a WEED EATER to all the weeds in my garden (now there's a visual). I think God is being nice to me, a fumbling rookie gardener.)

6. I saw Marley & Me for the first time. Well, I say I saw it, but really I just heard most of it in the car as I drove home from a softball game, and the kids watched it. Then, when we realized we had arrived at the video store and had to return it, we left the car going, I crawled in the back seat with the kids, and we all sat there and bawled our eyes out for the last 15 minutes of the movie. Yes, I am a sap when it comes to pets, even ones that drive me crazy.

Our own Marley Buster & Me saga:
Irrational Attachment
A Gentleman's Dignity
Goodbye, Gentle Friend

Yes, Buster was a gentleman (a massive one), here with Annie-7, before he (and his fur and slobber) been banished to the outdoors. He had the softest ears, and he loved nothing more than to have babies use him for a pillow.


Beck said...

I'm laughing at your squash that is already UP - we can't even put ours IN yet! Ah, weather.
Happy anniversary!

mholgate said...

Happy Anniversary Katherine! What a wonderful update post. :) I feel like we could be neighbors just chatting over the fence. How I wish we lived closer sometimes!

Our back yard is finished and the grass is growing in nicely. Next project: garage door. A friend is coming by to install our new one tomorrow. We get to use our garage for something more than collecting junk again! Yay!

So glad that you are getting close to your goal for Allie's trip. It sounds like the garage sale was a hit!

Well, I better wind down and get to bed. Take care!


Susanne said...

Amazing squash! My kids love squash.

I had mixed feelings about the movie Marley and Me. But cry I did.