Saturday, June 06, 2009

Shedding metal and a break!

I've been a bit under the weather this week - there is really never a convenient time for a mom to be sick, but never less so than the last week of school!

Yesterday I missed awards ceremonies, end-of-year parties, and a rocket launch. My kids and husband texted me throughout the morning, and, in my stupor, somehow we managed rides home for everyone, albeit they were sorely disappointed that my plans to check them out early from school were, um, thwarted.

Poor Ruthie-5 sat at the foot of my bed while I tried to sleep, playing with her stuffed animals ("No, that is not how we talk to each other. You need to say you're sorry!" Ever wonder what you say to your kids all day long?). I finally got out of bed around 5 pm and drug my bod to take Neal-14 to a baseball game (the one event I did not manage to delegate transportation)...which ended up getting cancelled. To think I could have slept until 8!!

Anyway, in the busy-ness and illness of the week I neglected to post pics of the Big Event of Wednesday. Notice anything different?

(Yes, I am driving and taking photo. Good thing there are only two stoplights here in Small Town.)

Not that I've been that regular of a blogger lately, but just to let you know...

I'll be taking a break for a week or so. I am SO excited to be a parent sponsor for our teenagers' church camp!! I have NEVER gone to camp with our kids - always had little ones that I felt I "couldn't" leave that long, so Dennis has always been the Camp Dad while I manned the home front. But this camp has activities for workers' kids, so ALL FIVE kids get to go, while Dennis...hmmm, I'm not sure what he's going to be doing, all alone for a week? Eating a lot of peanut butter sandwiches and missing us, I'm sure. =)

The big kids will throw their stuff together an hour before we need to leave, but Ruthie and Annie-7 have been "packing" for several days now. Mercy, I should never have told them they were going. I already pulled a wool scarf out of Ruthie's suitcase ("In case it's cold there, Mommy!"). Honey, it's in Oklahoma, not Ontario!

And now, I'm heading to eat popcorn, nuts, sticky candy, gum, and really thick sandwiches (all those things I've avoided for TWO WHOLE YEARS with braces). AHHH!!

See you in a week!


E. Tyler Rowan said...

My best friend had braces on for just shy of FIVE YEARS, and the first thing she did was go out to eat and ordered all sorts of hard and chewy things. LOL. The list was pretty much the same as yours. Enjoy! Beautiful smile. :)

Unknown said...

What camp in OK? Falls Creek? If so, it is my favorite! Grew up in OK and went every summer! Enjoy camp and no braces!

Maureen said...

Glad you are feeling better. Congrats on shedding the metal. What a beautiful smile! Enjoy camp!

Mom2BeautifulGirl said...

Congrats on no braces. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Mothership said...

My son just had his braces removed. Guess what we had in celebration. Candied Apples!

Have a wonderful week with you children. How nice to be in a new phase of parenting.

Elise @A Path Made Straight said...

Lovely smile! I hope you are continuing to feel better- it can take a while, especially as a mama who needs to be *doing* almost all the time.. sounds like your crew kept it together, though!

Have fun, camper! :)

Full Time Mom said...

I can totally relate. I had like three years without eating popcorn, gum and other "illegal stuff". But your smile shows that its really worth it though. Hope you are feeling better already.

Lori said...

How exciting!!! Teeth look great.