Friday, July 10, 2009

She's been gone a week

Getting a single, daily group text message and a rare email from the group leader is a real drag of a way to get information about a child who is on the other side of the earth.

But I'll take it.

When the phone beeps, I run to put together another piece of the puzzle of what must be happening in South Africa. My mind goes nuts, my heart leaps. I choke back tears. I thank God for a "crazy" husband who said, "I really feel like Allie-15 needs to go," when - of all times in our financial history as a family - it was completely impossible. God is funny like that.

So far they have visited a hospice home for dying children, worshiped with the locals, made breakfast daily for a youth camp, and passed out medicine and food to hundreds of children.

On Tuesday I got a text message from the group stating that they had been working with group of fun-loving Australian teens that is also volunteering with Hands at Work in Africa.

Who would have thought she would have to go to Africa to meet Australians?

Today the group started making home visits with Masoyi Home Based Care. Allie and the only other teen in our group were paired up to visit young "mums" (Makes me wonder, How young is young?).

After that, the text said they were going with a local volunteer to a workshop and then will take local transport back.

OH, ALLIE. I am so excited for you!

My prayer for her for this trip was that her convenient, American suburban world would be turned upside down, and that her faith would become her own.

Yup, I can rest quite assured that her world is getting a thorough shaking.

Now for God to do His thing...


Annie said...

I'm sure her view on her world will be completely her stories I'm sure everyone around her will alter their views as well. The blessings will be for her and those she is serving in Africa...but also those she is in contact with when she comes home.

Maureen said...

Wow, that's all I can come up with is Wow. I can't wait to hear from her how life changing this experience has been. You seem to be handling her absence well. God is funny like that too!


Timmarie said...

So absolutely amazing for her.

Michelle said...

Katherine, I've come to know you through your sister's blog. Was visiting your blog today and my heart resonated with yours so I thought I'd leave a comment. My 17 yr old son is currently on a mission trip in another country also--so happy for him, but it's been hard having him so far away. We were able to use Skype today and talk with him via the computer. Amazing how far technology has come! I'm with you as a Mom, so thankful for this opportunity in my son's life (and your daughter's) but missing him something awful!

Beck said...

How brave of her to go and how brave of you to LET her go! She will come back a changed girl, certainly. And oh, how you must miss her.
Praying for her safe travels.

Robyn said...

our children, now 10 and 13, have gone on a few short missions trips to Belize and tour to Israel...They are different than most kids because of it. They have a peek into the bigger picture and appreciate what they have here so much more. God will protect Allie and she will always be better for this trip...and God always does provide a way financially when someone is willing to step out and trust Him

Peapod Four said...

I'm glad you're getting updates. On my youth missions trips, my parents only got a phone tree call from the church saying we'd arrived safely.

No doubt this will be life changing for Allie. She'll be overwhelmed for a while when she gets back!

Susanne said...

I'm sure this trip will an absolute eye opener for her. I'm so excited to hear all about her trip and what God has done in her heart through and the people she meets.

AussieSaver said...

Katherine! As an Australian, I'd like to say Allie will have a marvelous time with the new Aussies she has met! You must me so proud of her!