Monday, July 20, 2009

We have our daughter back!

We knew there had been a change to the return flight from Johannesburg, but I didn't really look at the itinerary until yesterday morning. The first leg was Johannesburg to Doha.

Doha? What on earth is that?

Well, it's the capital of Qatar, this teeny, tiny country on the Persian Gulf (see it there?). Note how we are wanting them to go north and west, and how this flight goes north and east, nine hours out of their way. This "little change" made our poor group's total return time (flights plus layovers) over 34 hours (it was a mere 22 hours going eastbound)!

The hour ride home put us in the driveway after midnight, but it gave us a chance to ask questions we hadn't been able to ask (The most important one: "Did you take pictures?" Yes, I maxed out the memory card!).

Today we are just hanging out, and while we are doing two weeks' worth of laundry (minus all the skirts she left), we will be going through over 500 pictures and getting reacquainted.

People have asked me if I missed her, and I did, but I almost felt like she went off to college. Weird, I know. Like I knew I would see her again, but it would be a while, so take a deep breath. I knew she was safe and doing something important and having the time of her life, so I wasn't worried.

But it sure is good to have her back.

Thank you for all your prayers and support that made this trip possible!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Allie!!!

Ok, I need to stop crying over your posts lol. I'm so glad she's home! Funny coming from someone who doesn't know her huh?

looking forward to the pictures!!


Mary said...

We made the decision this past week to send our son 1100 miles away next summer to go on a 10 day hike in the Rocky Mtns. He'll be 14 by then. I'm having second thoughts about that. I can't imagine sending him to Africa. So glad she is home safe and sound.

As for Doha, check out Lori's blog at She is an American currently living in Doha with her family.

Julie said...

So glad you have your girl back. Can't wait to hear more about her trip.

Will you please keep our family in your prayers? We are fighting for our kids right now and we need all the prayers we can get. thanks.


Mommahen said...

Yay! Even if we know they are coming back there is no better feeling than actually having our kids back--all of them.

Was she exhausted on the way home or was she still on Africa time?

When I was in college I was in the Tech band. One year we made it to the Sunbowl. It's held around Christmas. So right after the game in El Paso we got back on the buses and rode over eight hours to get home. I walked into my home at 3 AM Christmas day. We always open our presents on Christmas Eve. So my then 10 yo sister was about eight hours overdue. I was exhuasted. But we all stayed up and opened our presents. I was in bed by four, but when I got up for Christmas dinner, several hours later, my mom came to me and said "we were watching the video of Christmas and you don't seem like you enjoyed any of your gifts." Gee Mom, I was EXHAUSTED and half asleep!

Glad Allie's back. Can't wait for pictures.

Michelle said...

Yeah! Glad she made it home safe!