Thursday, August 27, 2009

Whew! And they're off!

Just a quick note to check in. Yes, I'm alive.

I thought last week was crazy, but apparently, the craziness has only just begun. Last week I had meetings every. day. for my new job as Small Town Elementary's school nurse. My sister Rachel Anne kidnapped the kids one day, and her daughter Lauren came another. She - I hesitate to use the word "babysat" - hung out with the kids. I am truly indebted. Other friends helped out with carpooling and babysitting. Thank you.

Had a little meltdown about Wednesday night, when I started feeling sorry for myself the reality of it all began to sink in. And a few other mini-meltdowns along the way. But it's all good.

This week, the kids started school with me. I pulled teeth, wrapped sprained fingers, and gave out lots of bandaids; it was Allie-16's birthday (we were SEVEN MINUTES LATE to the Department of Public Safety yesterday to get her license - we both cried all the way home); Dennis "interviewed" a boy who has expressed interest in her (an hour after they turned the water back on because - imagine that - the water bill was late, in all the madness the last few weeks); and (why does it always seem to surprise me?) we began juggling sports schedules again.

But I ask myself, "If I didn't have kids, what would I be doing?"

Nope, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

One thing that has been helpful is Kathy Peel's website, I downloaded the Who's Responsible For What form. It's been a great starting point for discussion. When I went through the list, most of the items had defaulted to "MOM." I see where I have not delegated "just because I'm home," or "just because I have time."

We've looked at this form before, but this time it is a true necessity. I think the kids are beginning to "get it" that they must pitch in - not because Mom is a neat freak (yeah, right - that'd be the day!) but because chaos immediately ensues.

The first thing that gets shifted off my plate to someone else's will obviously be getting the bills paid on time.


Maureen said...

I feel your exhaustion! We started back three days ago and I am beat!!! I can't imagine working on top of that. God Bless you! Somehow, some way it will all work out. You know God will see us through this crazy time!

My kids started a brand new school and I was more scared then they were. Thankfully they are so happy and no one shed any tears on the first day. God is so awesome! He prepared our hearts and comforted us!
Have a great weekend Katherine and give Allie some birthday wishes from your cyber friend in Florida!

E. Tyler Rowan said...

Katherine, your blog is being naughty for me (or for IE). The formatting is acting crazy. When I open this post from my reader, the comments are plastered on top of the post - therefore I cannot see the post. When I just open your blog main page, your last post sits on top of this post - still can't read it! LOL. Silly technology.

Michelle said...

Your blog also won't load for me right and hasn't for a few weeks. I would love to read but ET @ Titus2:3-5's comments describe what it is doing for me too.

mholgate said...

Hi Katherine! Congrats on starting the new job. I've been gone so I had to catch up on my blog friends. :)

School started for us today. It was kind of crazy. I wasn't as prepared as last year because yesterday I went on an all day date with my husband. It was the only day we could fit in before school started.

I wouldn't trade all the craziness for the world either. :)

Hang in there!

Susanne said...

Hang in there, girl! A routine will soon develop. And just remember that God is your strength.

Nicole said...

I just wanted to say thanks for all you share. I only have one child (she will be 2 in October) and sometimes I feel like I'm losing my it's a good reminder that if you can handle everything on your plate, I will be ok with only one child!!

Oh, the late water bills...been there!! What's bad is I would have already deducted the money from my checking account but never sent the payment in. We had it shut off once and I've been better ever since! :)

the funky mom said...

Oh Katherine....I have missed you so! School started way back on the 10th for us. My oldest headed to middle school. He wants to go to a dance tom night. Can it be that I have a child that old? I started homeschooling #2...didn't you do a stint with homeschooling? It's 2nd grade. I feel like a working momma...when is there time to do it all? I stuck #3 and #4 in preschool so that I could concentrate on my 2nd grader. I miss them and would so rather be playing school with them than trying to actually homeschool. It's hubs and I are trying to catch her up b/c she's falling through the cracks in public school. Hopefully it will only be a year. And yesterday at bday party for my 4yr old preschooler....I looked around and realized I am the oldest momma there and have the most kids. I felt like I had three eyes. One finer point in the last 3 weeks...we have potty trained the 2 yr old. What a great thing...not to have diapers BUT I am so sad. I know it has to be bittersweet to have Ruthie finally in school with the rest. I can't even imagine. So I'm off to pick up the youngest from "school", 2 different soccer practices, and then squeezing in a PTA meeting. I am so encouraged by glad to see you back. Had to laugh about the late the last almost 15 years of marriage, my phone has gotten turned off no less than 3 times. Maybe I should hand off that bill paying thing too. Have a great weekend....can't wait to hear more about Allie and the new DL! Though I feel completely overwhelmed right now, I think back to you and how you approach life. Thanks for being such a great example!


Makila said...

Thank you so much for the link to the link. In a few weeks we're going to implement a chore chart, etc here and I'm in the process of gathering ideas.

Thanks! Hope in the next few weeks you find your "groove" to your new schedule.

Debbie said...

It's nice to meet you - and I'm so glad to have found you!

A. I'm a Company girl. =)
B. I appreciate the form link you provided here SO MUCH!!!
C. I also appreciate your willingness to admit to not getting bills paid on time. The BANE of our family existence... ugh...

Your blog is lovely, and you're another tab for me (like Home Sanctuary) when I open up my browser... Can't wait to get to know you better...

Emily said...

Yay, Katherine! You can do it!

PS- How was the Passport to Purity weekend with Libby???

Love to you!!

Mommahen said...

Katherine--you do it all and you do it with grace--HIS grace.

We've had the cable turned off several times due to my lack of payment. But since cable is a luxury maybe I should take the hint and leave it off.

And if it will make Allie feel even a LITTLE better share with her parents forgot my sixteenth birthday--honestly. And I did not get my license until my 18th birthday which happened the week AFTER I graduated HS.

And I hear you about adding sports. Are we crazy or what?! But my life would be so boring if I didn't have my kids. Cleaner, but boring.

Jolanthe said...

Thanks for the link to the forms - found a great one on age appropriate chores. :)

Jaye @ said...

Soon it will be so routine that you'll actually wish for some more excitement! Hang in there :O)

Julie said...

Praying for you my friend as you enter this new period in your life. Enjoy all the moments, they go by so fast.


Dahl Family said...

I just looked at the family management website...thank you for posting that! We are in the same boat-learning to delegate responsibilities :)

Cassandra said...

COngrats on the job!! Having the same hours as your kids will rock. (Eventually! haha) But, mostly I just thank you for spilling out your heart in such a vunerable, real way. The craziness and hectic-ness comes across and yet so does your determination and God's grace. It encourages me beyond words...cause I am still that mom waiting on the circumstances to get perfect and I'm the mom still having breakdowns because I think God can't possibly do anything in and thru me until I get my life (and my husband's and my kid's lives) together! I don't care if you just manage to blog once a month it's so awesome to read...thank you again.