Thursday, September 10, 2009

Now where were we?

Okay, I guess blogging once or twice a month is going to be my "new normal." So much to say, so little time!

We are finding a bit of a rhythm. I haven't worked a five-day week since WAY before kids were born, which does not mean I wasn't busy, of course, especially during the thirteen straight years in which I carried a diaper bag. Nothing, and I do mean NOTHING compares to the fatigue of caring for a newborn and a couple of toddlers (and a couple of big kids, and...).

So yes, I'm tired, but hey, at least all my kids are potty-trained, can buckle their own seatbelts, and - in a pinch - a few of them can even make mac n' cheese. So I can't really complain, although I do feel much better after my 15-minute power nap once I get home.

I'm learning a lot, and I must say I love the hugs I get from my little charges wherever I go in town. That, and watching the little ones whisper shyly to their moms, "That's our new nurse!" Pretty cute.

Alrighty then, so how about some pics?
  1. Ruthie-5 is now a kindergartner. Bittersweet does not begin to describe how this feels. This year I have two at the elementary school with me, one at the middle school, and two (HOW DID THIS HAPPEN??) in high school. Yes, mornings are just a wee bit busy nowadays. (Dennis has always made lunches for the kids, and as you can see, he is quite the master.)

  2. But - fortunately - afternoons are still quite summer-like. So I hold onto my two little ones as if they were still little...sniff!
  3. Libby-11 and I had a very nice time on our Passport to Purity weekend. We laughed and talked and ate junk food and made memories. And it was yet another opportunity to show that I simply not possess this generation's ability to take a decent self-portrait.
  4. Allie-16 did get her license. Dennis took her to get it the next day, after the tears subsided from our dry run on her birthday. Every time I think of the carpool time I will save memories these two (and Libby, who rides with them as far as the middle school) will make on the road every morning (especially with those rockin' zebra seat covers!), it makes me happy.
  5. My $50 landscape has been neglected this summer, but I did manage to get some Knockout roses on clearance in a few weeks ago (they are perking up from their scraggliness, once I finally got them in the ground!), and today I found my favorite nandinas (Gulf Stream) on sale for $6. I DO love a good plant bargain.
  6. It is coming along nicely since I cleared out this spot back in April. Most of the other plants I stole moved or divided or traded with unsuspecting family members. I am so darn cheap, but hey, whatever works.
Blogging is definitely taking a back seat to life right now, and I don't see a fix for this any time in the near future, since I can't even access my personal email from my school office for a little lunchtime blogfest. WAH!

Brief and occasional will be the order of the day. Good enough.

So how are you doing?


mholgate said...

Oh Katherine! It's so good to hear how you are doing. I'm so glad to hear you like your job!

My blogging has been lacking lately too. I've only just begun the craziness, I know! We have our first bought of illness here. Only two weeks into school and I'm cleaning vomit off the entry way floor. Nuts. I hope this isn't a sign of what this fall/winter are going to be like.

Well, gotta get kiddos into bed. Take care. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

Love, Melissa

Susanne said...

It's nice that you check in a let us know how your doing. It sounds like you guys are all doing well adjusting to the big change in your lives.

My youngest started high school this year. Now that is shocking to the system.

Joyfulness said...

I appreciate the update too. I'm amazed at you! I've only dabbled with working part-time inside the home this year and it's been an interesting journey.

Debbie said...

I've missed you. So glad for the update on you & the fam. Sounds like you're off to a great start. I've given up on blogging for awhile. I am schooling 3 and have 1 in school (kindergarten...sniff,sniff!). Plus the babe (she's 2...waaah!). Life seems like it is rushing by. But it is good. Thanks for your prayers awhile back. God gives the faith to walk by.

Jen said...

So good to see you. It sounds like you are rockin and rolling.....I cant believe 16! Anymore than I can believe Kindergarten. Crazy.

Peapod Four said...

Ahh...those darn internet blockers. My husband can't access blogs from his school either. Glad to hear the year has started well for your family.

We're doing well... I'm waiting up to feed the baby one more time before we're all down for the night. Fingers crossed she makes it 5+ hours again. :)

Rachel Anne said...

I miss not getting to talk to you on the phone. Waaaah!

That's part of the new reality, I guess. But it sucks.

Cassandra said...

I'm doing the same thing...not having time to write a post like i did in the is hard this semester...

Sara Campbell said...

Hi! I am a mom of 5, just found your blog. I live in the Middle East doing 'work' here. I had 4 girls, then a surprise boy, ages 10down to 1. I really enjoyed the posts I read and would love to follow you. You remind me of me. I cleaned out closets last week and cried over the too-small smocked dresses.

Christian Parenting said...

A wonderful blog to give parents a great vision on parenting their children. A one big happy family that cares and love each other. I'll be visiting more of your blogs for an update.

Leslie said...

Katherine, I've finally caught up on your many posts, including Allie's trip to South Africa (how did I miss those?!?!). It's good to feel caught up, and I'm pretty sure you're as great as I remember you being. :) Hope you're well!

Hopewell said...

I just found your blog via Ann Voskamp's blog. My daughter went back to public school this year [2nd time back. Your post on sheltering really, really helped. I look forward to reading more in your blog.

Laura said...

I don't know if you are still reading comments or if you even have time to take a breath. Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about you. Hope things are going well. Laura