Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Like an old shoe

I thought we were immune, what with seven weeks of swine flu season behind us.

But Sunday afternoon Ruthie-5 said she didn't feel good, and by late evening she had a soaring fever. The pitiful thing. Well, pitiful ("My little head hurts!") when it it's time for another dose of Children's Advil. When under the influence of that miracle elixir, she races around the house acting like she's had a little too much sugar. Oh, to be five again.

It's been a blissful week (for me, anyway). I'm sure they missed me at work (where I spend my days sending sick kids like Ruthie home from school!).

I fell back into the old stay-home routine more easily than slipping on an old shoe, the kind you don't even have to untie first to put on. It rained a bad-hair-misty, soaking rain, so it wasn't like I would have gone out, even if I hadn't had a feverish child.

Ruthie and I watched the Hannah Montana movie. I got some laundry folded. Hung some curtains for the girls (that I bought about six months ago - why do I put off jobs that take 15 minutes??). Ruthie lost a tooth (we've only waited three years for this one (here's where she lost the other front tooth).I organized my shoes. I got to take Neal-14 to school, and pick up Libby-11 in carpool (they've been Allie-16's passengers this year). Who would have thought I'd miss car pool?

(If I had known I would be home with her for three days, I would have painted the bathroom cabinets, but I suppose that will have to wait....hopefully not until the next kid gets sick!)

Anyway, hard as this whole working thing has been, I have to say I love what's happening in our family. We appreciate each other more. We are working together more.

And I don't take days stuck at home with sick kids for granted.


Michelle said...

I hope she is feeling well now and that your other kids don't get sick.

Andrea said...

you have the best attitude katherine. glad you got a nice day at home despite the sickness! =)

mholgate said...

Oh dear! Sorry to hear that she's sick. :( It sounds like both of you have had a good attitude about it though. I was just praying for you a couple of days ago, because the Lord put you on my heart. Perhaps that's why.

Take care,

Cassandra said...

When I worked full time before baby#3, I treasured those random days off like that. I didn't work them away like a maniac, yet i didn't be completely lazy either...they were the perfect mixture of productivity and rest. Glad she is feeling better...

Jolanthe said...

I have some curtains that really need to be hung too - unfortunately I also need rods.... :)

I should go buy some today and surprise my girls since they are at their grandparents for a few days!

Susanne said...

Sorry little Ruthie got sick. Was it the swine flu? Hope she is feeling better soon and no one else gets ill.

I'm like you too putting off simple jobs. Sigh. I have no idea why I do it either.

Mommahen said...

Isn't it amazing what a bit of motrin/advil does?! Don't you wish it worked that well on us?
Hope Ruthie is better soon! Glad you got a chance to blog it all! These are momentous occasions as well.

Henley on the Horn said...

You are a great mama! I hope she feels better soon!

Livin' out loud said...

Oh so sorry to hear she is sick!! You guys have certainly had your share already!!