Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Back from camp - and a link

Camp was awesome. We took 130 kids from our little town (pop. 2500) to eat bad food, share tight quarters, and play some very serious water games.

Libby-12 (in the white sunglasses).

Annie-8 in her "fort" with a friend. This was on day one, things looking pretty spiffy. We crammed 30 high school girls, four adults, and five children in one room. By Day Five it looked like Hiroshima - I'll spare you that pic.
Neal-15's team contemplates strategy for Total Domination of the next "wet rec" game. Somehow Allie-16 (bottom center) ended up on the bottom of this wet pile.Ruthie-6 (in pink) walking back to the cabin after swimming with a friend.

Probably half the kids in our group were unchurched - our church views camp as a community outreach. And did they ever hear the gospel. By the last night, kids were circled up in spontaneous little groups praying for each other. My heart almost couldn't take it, it was so overwhelming. God is so, so very good. Here are some of my thoughts from last year's camp.

While I was gone, my dear, dear blog friend Andrea posted my little interview for her Mama Monday series. We have shared many emails over the past few years, mostly about raising teens, but recently about raising five. If you haven't already, why don't you go over there and tell her how much you appreciate her gentle blog?


mholgate said...

It sounds positively wonderful! How great that all those kids got to go and have fun while also hearing the gospel. :) I'm helping with our kids' camp this year (through 6th grade) and I hope it goes that well.

I'll check out your guest post, for sure!


Susan said...

This is so my kind of scene. It looks like heaven. Keeping those young ones strong in faith and love....that's what it's all about. They look like they are having so much fun. I have three camps coming up, can't wait.

Susanne said...

I'm really late commenting but I just wanted to say how much fun this looked.