Sunday, July 18, 2010

Temporary empty nesters

Not sure how we lucked out it happened, but this weekend Dennis and I found ourselves at home.


For the life of me, in almost 17 years of parenthood, I can't remember when this has happened.


The three big kids are wrapping up their mission trip to the border (home tomorrow!), after which I am most certain they will appreciate air conditioning, their mother's cooking, and their own beds, although from the pics I have been getting, they seem like they are managing to have their own fun. =)The younger two got invited to spend the weekend with their cousins.

So we slept in until 8:30, took our sweet time at Sam's Club and Home Depot (no one rolled their eyes when I stood admiring each and every perennial), ate out way more than we normally do (Subway and Wendy's - we are so darn cheap!), didn't tell one person to get their flip flops (tea glass, gym bag, you get the idea) out of the living room, and (get this) WE GOT TO CHURCH 15 MINUTES EARLY...

In between all that, we had these conversations about how we started the last 12 years with three kids under four, and how in the NEXT twelve we will be....empty nesters.

Is it me or is time moving more quickly than it ever used to?

Oh rats, I just miss my kids. I can't wait to hug them and cook for them and somehow try to make time slow down...glad that our empty-nestedness is a temporary one.

(But I doubt that will keep me from enjoying sleeping in tomorrow.)


Jennibell said...

Oh, oh, oh how exciting for you to have the weekend to yourselves!! Knowing they're coming home is the icing on the cake to that adventure :) I just ran into some friends recently who have two daughters gone for 3 WEEKS!!! I couldn't believe it and asked how they were doing. They decided they were going to be "o.k." in 7 years when the youngest goes off. . .this time together had proven it. I know my hubby and I will be "o.k." too, but I'd like to stretch these next 10 years as far as I can :) Love my full house. . .even if there are shoes and toys and clothes all over. Time IS going faster. . .and faster. . .and faster. . .hold on to your hat!

Susanne said...

Wow, the planets must have aligned just right. LOL. On those rare occasions that happens I love the "us" time but I also miss my kids like crazy! I just cannot even fathom what not having a teen in the house permanently will be like. Pretty quiet I would think.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I can't wait for the day I can get to church early..or on time...or just get to church at all on some Sundays. =p I think the longest I've been away from the girls is 5 straight hours, and I miss them.

the funky mom said...

My hubs and I are taking our first weekend away from the kids tomorrow. It's only 3 days and I am excited but I just can't imagine it. We've had an extra family almost all summer; they're between houses; and extra kids sleeping over almost every day. One day I counted and there were 12 kids sleeping. It has been so much fun. We're meeting all their friends and spending time with them too. Who cares that there's shoes, well flip-flops everywhere, and I am pretty sure that I'm washing more than my kids underwear. I love my busy no scheduled house this summer! But it all ends in less than 3 weeks. Well the no schedule ends...I'm sure busy is here to stay. Mine are 3, 5, 8, & 12 now. I started reading your blog when I was pregnant with the youngest. I have missed you this year. Will you be working again? Time is certainly faster! I hope you can find some time for the blog. You have been such an encouragement to me. And I want to hear more about the teenage years. What will my world look like?

Jolanthe said...

You are too funny! :)

Debbie said...

As usual, your post brought tears to my eyes. Our oldest turns 13 in August. The baby will be 3. Where has the time gone? We haven't had a date night in ages, let alone an empty house. Everytime I turn around my house is a mess this summer, but this is the best summer we've ever had. Just going by too fast. Enjoy your summer!

Mom to a Preschooler said...

I can't imagine letting go of my daughter just yet. Haha! I am so selfish! But I am very happy for you my dear. Having all that time off is definitely something new, and I don't blame you for taking your time while buying some stuff. It's something that we don't usually get to do, right? Hope you have your kids back by now. I am sure the extra time is something that we all need some getting used to.