Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The little black dress (again)

Everyone is home now, so I was able to wrestle the camera away from our campers - only to find that I hardly took any pics of our niece's wedding last week. Bummer!

But it was still fun to see, since about the only times we dress up are for cousins' weddings (Allie-16 was the maid of honor - so amazing!). Yes (since I knew you'd ask), that's the same little black dress I always wear (this is my fourth or fifth time to wear it in a wedding, thanks to some excellent blog-friend advice four years ago. Now it's becoming a matter of tradition). Here's 2010:With Libby-12, Annie-9, Ruthie-6 and cousin Savannah:And just for nostalgia's sake, here's the first time I wore it for a wedding, in 2006. Funny how in four years I shrank so much!
Sigh. For some reason this wedding hit me very hard, maybe because I saw Allie walking up the aisle as a bridesmaid (I thought I had shed all my tears during the rehearsal, so I was home free and whew! I was going make it out with some makeup still intact. And I was holding myself together so well...until I saw my daughter get choked up during the vows. Ack!). I realized (AGAIN!) just how quickly this is all happening.

Although we've been to several weddings as a family, this time it was less about the dressing up (even though I was proud of my deals at Ross and TJ Maxx!) and more about what does this mean, this idea of giving myself to another? As long as we both shall live?

Those things we model every day (whether we realize it or not) and think they are not noticing. But they are.

Yup, makes me remember I need to keep parenting with the end in mind - that the reason I insist that my six-year-old tell the truth is because some day she will be standing at an altar pledging her whole heart to a (handsome) young man (we are praying for you, wherever you are!). That we insist on kind words because some day she will have decide how to respond when her husband does something she doesn't agree with. That we keep talking with our teens about making decisions based on a biblical foundation because some day they will have to teach their own kids how to do the same thing.

Hey, and to think I get to do all that today with my comfy t-shirt and running shoes on (the dress would be fine - it's those 2 1/2 inch heels!). This should be good.


bass family said...

great thoughts - as usual :)

great pictures too! wow, you have shrunk! :)

Susan said...

What beautiful photos.....beautiful family. I love that little black dress.

Jen said...

love your little black dress...i remember that post

Joyfulness said...

Great reminder to have "the end in mind". It's so busy some days that I just totally miss that.
Love the black dress - you all look great!

Susanne said...

Don't you guys all look great! I need to get me a little black dress.

"Keeping the end in mind" is great advice. I should stamp that on my forehead or something.

Michelle said...

Excellent thoughts as always. Your kids have grown so much. It's bittersweet how that happens!! Praying you have a great year -- the hectic craziness is just about upon you.

Maureen said...

Great family picture! Glad to see you blogging! This was a wonderful reminder thank you for sharing.

Debbie said...

Katherine, you look awesome! How do you keep that schoolgirl figure? Your family is beautiful. Can't believe how the kids are growing. I went to a grad party on Saturday and sat there and bawled because I realized how fast it is all going for me, too. Our oldest is going into 8th grade. And time just keeps flying by. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Helps to keep things in perspective.

mholgate said...

You look fabulous! I have a little black dress that I plan on wearing to a wedding in two weeks. Now I just need some little black shoes to go with it! (My current ones are pretty worn out.)

Hope you're enjoying the last little bit of summer before we dive back into school days. :)


Debbie said...

Hi there!
Just to let you know I'm patiently awaiting another post. Hope all is well w/ you & yours at Raising Five. :) (Miss you!)