Saturday, July 23, 2011

It sounded like a good idea at the time

You know you're a mom when the biggest item on your summer to-do list is getting kids' tonsils out.

This month we put a (hopefully) final end to two years of recurrent throat problems. Annie-10 and Allie-17 had back-to back tonsillectomies on July 1, with full rein of the surgery center's "suite." Ruthie-7 kept us all company.

The first few days were pretty rough (note the smoothie next to the Lortab Elixir, both of which were administered around the clock).But I have to admit - once the bad part was over and they just wanted to sleep all the time - I enjoyed everyone being HOME, rather than the continuous Sleepover City, which is our usual summer existence. We had lots of guitar playing (this was purely for the photo shoot, since it's been over 100 degrees ALL SUMMER. Ack).
Allie-17, too impatient and creative to follow a pattern, made a cute bag on my ancient sewing machine. Ruthie-7 took lots of pictures, but what's new?Neal-16 has a full-time job as a cart boy at our local golf course, which is why I can't seem to get a picture of him..(

And - because I start work in a few weeks and it's now or never - we finally got our house on the market. I am hoping that since we bought it when it looked like this:

someone will want to buy it now that it looks like this...

The original idea was to stay in this house 2 years, fix it up, and then sell, but then, well, things didn't exactly go according to plan. Or at least not according to my plan. I'm hoping this time around I can be content with His plan, not mine.

Next month: wisdom teeth.


Brenda said...

Boy, you guys know how to have fun! :)

Anonymous said...

My to-do list is not quite as exciting and I tend to keep it that way. =p GL with the house-selling.

Andrea said...

miss you! And I am LOVING your old sewing machine!! great color and everything!!!

Jen said...

Enjoyed hearing from you . Glad the surgeries went well. Miss hearing from you!

mindy said...

i love the home makeover. beautiful.

Rachel Anne said...

Also on your list - HAVE LUNCH WITH SISTER! Hey, we did that!!! We actually accomplished it! It was so great to sit and yak with you.....girls' night is next.

Love you, Rachel

jennibell said...

Good luck with the house-sale thing. Ugh. Your updates are beautiful -- prayers that it goes fast. Here's to another year of school for you. . .and all God has in store for your family. I came across a quote tonight that I couldn't credit then (3 years ago when I first quoted it) and had forgotten about until I started going through old e-mails. It seems appropriate to something you wrote in this post:
". . .and thankful that my life has not turned out as my small imagination could have dreamed."
Isn't that the truth? AMEN. Enjoy the rest of your summer days :)

mholgate said...

Wow! Double tonsillectomies! I am impressed. What troopers!

The house looks great. I remember when you moved in...have I known you that long? My, how time flies.

We are settled in our new house now. There's more room than we can fill! My oldest daughter (10) is happy to have her own room. :)

I will pray your home sells quickly. I look forward to hearing what God has planned for your family next!

Love, Melissa

Cassy said...

My tonsils were operated as well because I always suffered from the pain of tonsilitis so my parents decided to cut it off when I was 12 years old.

Your kids are so pretty just like their mom.

Cassy from Guitar Made Easy