Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Checking in

Had an unexpected day at home today so I thought I'd pay a visit to the ol' blog.  Life is clipping along here at the Raising Five house.

Allie (20 - eek!!) is getting married in May. She met her man because her original plan to move off to Africa for a year fell through, and she found herself disappointed and "stuck" at home going to community college last fall.  When she called me from speech class and told me about this sold-out-for-Christ guy who sang Amazing Grace as part of his speech, we knew that Caleb was someone special, and - holy cow - did God sovereignly change the direction of her life in order for them to meet, or what?  What do I know about planning weddings?  Nothing.  But I suppose I will be an expert after planning four of them.  Any tips welcome. Seriously.

Neal (18) graduated in June and is commuting to college this year. I feel so amazingly blessed to have the gift of an extra year with this young man at home.  I think he realizes he's got it pretty darn good, too.

Libby (15) is a sophomore and keeps a dizzying schedule of sports and school stuff.  We've talked a lot about balance this year, and OH how I cannot wait for this child to drive!  When I see this, though, I realize she's got the most important priority straight.
Annie (12) is navigating the up-again, down-again world of 6th grade, finding her way as the cliques form and she figures out who is a "heart" friend.  Hard to tell a middle schooler that she may only have one or two of these in her entire lifetime, and that she might not meet some of them until adulthood.  It makes for some good talks, though, usually well past bedtime.  She went on her first mission trip this summer and loved the hanging out with the preschoolers. 

Ruthie (9) continues to be the sparkle that keeps things from getting boring around here (as if that were possible). She taught herself how to do a back-handspring this fall, and though I'm still holding out, I foresee some sort of cheerleading in our distant future.  One out of four...not bad.  Here she is with her best friend on the mission trip.  No matter that they didn't speak the same language.
I resurrected my old ICU skills this summer, surprised that not much had changed since I last did it 12 years ago.  So I'm working a couple days a month in the hospital, and part-time at the college.  Loving having a little breathing room to get the dishes done occasionally (note I did NOT say getting the laundry done!). Loving that man more every day.  Taking a class a semester toward my master's and working in the yard in between all the wedding planning and comings and goings around here, and cheering on my sister Rachel Anne in her book endeavor!  Whew!  Life is busy, far from perfect, but good.
 So what's new with you?


Andrea Johannesen said...

I am so glad to see this post! I had been a regular reader, and really enjoyed (enjoy!) the tone of your writing.

Aimee said...

How did your children get so old?!?!? 20?!?! 9!??! That's crazy.
As usual, you have a full and beautiful life. I think the last time we "talked" I was freaking out over being pregnant with #5. Now I have a #6 and he just turned 2 :)

Rachel Anne said...
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rachel said...

Lovely to get your update and such amazing news. Congratulations Allie! God's plan for our life and his timing is always perfect.

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Hi Andrea - thanks for your kind words! I hope to post a little more often than I have the last few years...

Aimee - #6??? Girl, we have GOT to catch up!!

Rachel Anne - name your day and I will be there. So thankful for you!

rachel - you are right. It's so amazing to watch God do amazing things, especially with your kids. It's truly humbling.

mholgate said...

Glad you stopped by to catch up! I think of you often. Married? Your oldest is really old enough to get married? I remember when I started following your blog...she was still in school.

I have two in middle school this year and three still in elementary. Life is getting busier. We've added sports to the picture, and youth group. What a crazy ride!

I'm sure you will be getting more "can I please have your advice on..." e-mails from me in the future!

Congrats on the wedding. I'm sure it will be beautiful.


the funky mom said...

It is so nice to see an update on you and your family. I've thought of you often. It's crazy to think you have one getting married. Wow! and just Wow!! When i started following your blog, I was a young momma of 4 completely craziness! Now I'm an older momma and it's always crazy! My oldest went on his first MIssion trip last summer and I remembered how your documented Allie's first one. Congrats to her!
Keep us posted!

Anonymous said...

Dear Allie. I saw your post. I would like to advice you to: a) thank and praise our sweet Lord Jesus for the blood he shed for us.
2) read and meditate and apply the word of Lord.
3) when you pray for your marriage then you will have peace if this marriage is from Lord. If this marriage is not from Lord
Jesus then you will not be at ease.Lord Jesus bless you and keep you (3john 1.2).
Your loving sister in Christ

Sharon M. said...

I have really missed reading your blog and hearing about what you and your children have been up to. It's so great to hear an update about you all and see how your children have grown. They are all so beautiful.It sounds like they are all heading in such wonderful directions. Congratulations to Allie on her upcoming wedding. Looking forward to reading more updates from you.
Sharon M.

LaSandra said...

Thanks for the update! Wow! 20 and getting married!?! I have bounced around your blog reading about how you stepped away from homeschool and then seeing how you started working part time. Did that ever turn into full time?

Katherine@Raising Five said...

Melissa, You have inspired me to think about what I do and why. I can't believe your kids are so big!

Kathryn - are you not blogging anymore? Email me!

Sharon - thanks for your kind words. I am hoping to be better about documenting this new (unknown) season!

LaSandra - I worked full-time for 3 years as a school nurse, and this is my second year to be part time. Part-time is MUCH better on the sanity!

Ginger said...

Ohhhh, so good to catch up. Thanks for popping in - your family and your parenting have been an encouragement to me as we our a few years behind you. Big Hugs - enjoy the ride! :)

Val said...

I am so happy to see you posted! My youngest child turned 5 on Dec. 30th. It was around this time 5 years ago I had commented on your blog. I had to return to work full time and it was killing me to leave my baby home. You sent me such an inspiring email. Thank you so much. I still think about you & your family and your touching email. I survived working full time for four years while parenting four kids. I'm happy to say that I now work part time. I love the balance of work and family. Good to hear you & your family are doing well!

Gina Conroy said...

Hey Katherine, I was cleaning out my old blog in anticipation of launching my new author website and came across your link. I wanted to reconnect and see how life was going with you and your family.

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